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Healthcare is complicated.  It has many moving parts and if you are anything like me; it’s confusing so you don’t understand what it means to you or your family.  I don’t claim to know the answer, but I do know it is NOT AN UNPROVEN SOCIALIZED healthcare scheme coming out of Washington!  It is simply not acceptable to blow-up one-sixth of our economy to create “federal healthcare for all” when so many parts of America’s healthcare system are working fine.

We are not in a “THIS OR THAT” crisis situation.  Why is the White House turning this into a crisis and jamming it down our throats, yet again?  I suggest it’s because they want to push this broken system on the American people quickly, so it would be too difficult to back out of it after the elections!

With Congress on summer recess, August is a critical time for conservatives to stay on the job and keep up the fight against this unconstitutional law.  When they return to their offices, we want them to have thousands of faxes on their desks demanding they defund, repeal and replace Obamacare.

Tell Congress not to fund Obamacare during the Continuing Resolution in September!

No one knows the full consequences of this complete upheaval of such a large part of our economy and free market.  No one knows what this will mean going forward, as we already see 3 major healthcare providers pull out their services in many areas!

A classic example of unknown adversities is easily seen in the story of a mother in Oregon, who takes care of her 22-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and another disabling condition.  Her daughter must have 24-hour care, something the mother provides and receives a sum of $1,400 a month. This money helps with home health supplies and a stipend for living expenses because she is unable to work.

One of the new provisions in Obamacare basically prohibits “guardians from serving as the paid caregiver of adult children with developmental disabilities.”  This mother, rightly so, is petrified about what this means for her daughter.  Will she have to put her daughter into foster care? Or worse, could she be forced into a “lengthy and costly process in which she will be required to transfer legal guardianship over to the state or someone else.”  We can already see some of the provisions that will cause hardship for hundreds of families in which the guardian and the caregiver are the same person.

Obamacare was a “solution” in search of a problem. They proverbially threw the baby out with the bath water.  Although 85% of Americans have healthcare, the Democrats were willing to overhaul the entire system and punish those 85% in order to accommodate the 15% who do not.

Obamacare is unworkable, unproven and an unnecessary overhaul of our economy.  And how can Congress sleep at night after creating an 11th hour, special exemption for themselves so that they do not have to accept Obamacare!

Firstly, they have not the legal authority to create a special exemption from Obamacare health coverage!  We, the People will not be mandated to “EAT” what Congress “WON’T EAT”!! 

We have the “good-enough-for-thee, good-enough-for-me amendment” and the provision is written into The Affordable Care Act: Members of Congress and their staffs are required to participate in its insurance exchanges.

Secondly, this monster is a moving target! And how many illegal changes will be made by our President and our Congress before WE DEMAND THEY DEFUND Obamacare?!

 “They impose on their constituents what they themselves won’t accept.”

Our Republican “leadership” doesn’t think this fight is worth dying on the hill for and we’re here to tell them to STAND UP AND FIGHT for what is in OUR best interest.  

This isn’t about politics; this is about our families and our health.

We have a handful of principled Congressmen fighting to defund Obamacare. They need our help and support now, and they need it when they vote on the Continuing Resolution on September 30th.

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Why do so many moms, and mom and pop shops, worry that Obamacare is a disaster for America?

Economic destruction.  We are facing the end of the 40 hour work week.  This means the end of the middle class.  Obamacare punishes business by imposing ridiculous rules resulting in a business retracting or at least, not growing over 50 people.

Tax payer dollars.  Employers are cutting back hours and creating more part-time positions in order to get around the Obamacare mandate and punishment on growth.  America cannot survive and thrive with a nation full of part-time workers.  Even worse, a new study argues that Obamacare could grow the welfare state as between 500,000 and 900,000 workers leave the workforce and go on welfare instead of keeping their jobs just for healthcare.

Elitists’ benefits, with no consequences. Congress exempted themselves from the crushing premiums of Obamacare, voting instead for YOU, THE TAXPAYER to pick up about 75% of their tab. That’s about all you need to know!

Rising premiums.  Obamacare is anything but “Affordable,” which is how they labeled it. And if so many of us are taking advantage of subsidies or losing our jobs due to Obamacare, who will ultimately be stuck with the bill for all of us?

The IRS is enforcing it.  I don’t know about you but I do not want one of the most corrupt agencies in this administration in charge of fines and enforcing Obamacare. If that doesn’t send a chill up your spine, nothing will.

Privacy concerns. Obamacare is Ground Zero for a hack attack…not just by outsiders, but also government agencies who will concoct whatever reason necessary to “hack” your data and use it against you. Everything you talk to a doctor about will be kept in an untested database that is accessible to anyone in government who asks for it—and all your personal information will be readily available for hackers with sinister motives.

Lower standards of care.  This presents a problem for current patients, as well as all the new ones on the insurance rolls.  Are you on Medicare or Medicaid?  If so, it’s getting really hard to find a doctor and once you get in, you may not see an actual doctor, but rather an assistant who has limited medical training. You may wait months for a test. The government may refuse to treat some illnesses, resulting in even more medical bills or even death.

Fax Congress right now and tell them you disapprove of their special backroom deals on Obamacare and ask them why YOU are being forced to live with this disastrous law. Call them out on their hypocrisy! Tell them to STOP OBAMACARE in its tracks!

We, the People understand that healthcare is complicated and multifaceted. And we also understand that this is a FEDERAL BILL with trillions of moving parts.  Washington, D.C. is not the answer in fact; it’s an Armageddon-sized economic tornado waiting to happen!

What are all the unplanned, unexpected, costly, and perhaps, heartless flaws?  I don’t know about you but I do NOT have any faith in this administration, nor do I trust the IRS acting as THE ENFORCER!  Plus, do you want Kathleen Sebeluis making decisions of life and death for your family??

What more will we find out tomorrow, next week, next year?  President Obama says the law has - hitches and bumps - along the way.   At a recent sales pitch for Obamacare, Kathleen Sebeluis is quotes as saying, “This is no longer a political debate. This is what we call the law.”  Really, Kathleen? Then how can changes be made to it without following the rule of law?

The mainstream media isn’t watching out for We, the People, either.  They paint us as greedy HAVES, cold-hearted Republications, and grandma killing capitalists. They tell voters that conservatives don’t want people to have healthcare, and if you do get coverage, they tell voters we want everyone to die quickly.  Are Republicans themselves buying into this? After all, every Member of Congress who you thought would fight to get rid of Obamacare is now riding the gravy train right up front next to Obama and the Democrats.

We are not asking the President to shut down the government.

That is President Obama’s THREAT.

We are simply asking that Members of Congress fund everything BUT Obamacare.

On October 1st Americans will be putting their identity, their lives and the future of America in jeopardy when Obamacare begins enrollment in the exchanges, UNLESS CONGRESS DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW, WHILE THEY STILL CAN.  I’m not willing to let Congress off the hook. They can’t continue to tell us they want Obamacare gone and then act as though there is nothing they can do about it. All they have to do is grow a spine and refuse to fund it. THAT IS ALL.

Congress must also stop throwing the American people under the bus.

To our Conservative-Daily community, this is not “just another” piece on how terrible Obamacare is without the promise of repeal—WE REALLY CAN DO THIS.  There are many Members of Congress who are fighting to defund it, but they are up against a brick wall of Republican establishment.  They need us, now.

WE HAVE THE MOMENTUM ON OUR SIDE.  Democrats who voted for it are nervous about its implementation and the influence it will have on their re-election campaigns. Unions, who sold it hook, line and sinker to their members, don’t want Obamacare at all.  Obama is CHANGING THE LAW and granting delays and waivers.  And no one can pick up a newspaper or log on to the Internet these days without seeing another bad news headline about it.

THIS IS THE TIME TO GET RID OF IT. The deadline is looming just ahead, and Congress must defund this thing next month.



The mainstream media is fond of writing glowing articles about how Obama is a huge basketball fan—so he, of all people, should understand the FULL COURT PRESS we are putting on Members of Congress to destroy Obamacare.

We don’t have a slam dunk yet, but the momentum is building this August. Please, join us in making sure this disastrous legislation meets its end before it destroys our economy and health.

Many in Congress are listening, and those who don’t “get” it yet soon will…put pressure on them to stand up for their principles and get rid of this terrible legislation!


Tony Adkins‚Äč

Conservative Daily