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The 2012 Presidential Election has come and gone leaving conservatives looking for answers.  The results were atypical and political pundits on both sides of the aisle are still scratching their heads.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  The experts failed; but we didn’t.  Conservative-Daily predicted the consequences of the ballooning welfare entitlement program in the months leading up to the election.

There has been a fundamental paradigm shift in the American electorate and neither our economy nor our political process can handle the strain from the weight of the consequences stemming from this tectonic shift in the American electorate’s political philosophy.

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What exactly is the new American philosophy?  It is called the “Give and Take” philosophy: Americans give their rights to the government and, in exchange, they take money from the government obviating the need to actually earn a living.  This lowers production in the United States while increasing our tax obligation a combination that creates government debt and eventual economic collapse.

This is not speculative.  This formula for collapse is the same one in use by Greece just before their total economic free-fall; same story in Spain.  America may not be on the same train but we are certainly on the same track.

To make matters worse, the Obama Administration is one of the most non-transparent Administrations in US history.  Benghazi alone put blood on Obama’s hands and proves that he will lie to the American people to reach his anti-American goals.

Last week, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released the latest food stamp numbers.  The report was released 9 days late; conveniently, the American people didn’t get to see this bad news until after the election was over.

Click HERE to demand that Congress dramatically cut welfare entitlement

What those numbers revealed may shock your conscious; there is a reason President Obama decided to hide them from the American people until after the election.

The number of food stamp users in the United States is now at an all time high.  Shattering records left and right, the total number of individual food stamp users in the US is up to 47.1 million!  Further, a record 22.685 million household are also dependent on food stamps.

But that isn’t even the worst of it.  The USDA report states that July saw the single largest monthly increase in food stamp subscriptions in HISTORY.   In that one-month, nearly 500,000 Americans signed up for the Federal food stamp program.

This should not come as a shock to you.  Conservative-Daily warned you time and time again that Obama was trying to buy the election using welfare programs like food stamps.  We demonstrated how President Obama was spending millions to promote and publicize the program to maximize dependency while minimizing individual freedoms just before the election.  It happened.  We warned you.  Not enough was done.

Now we have a bigger hole from which to extricate ourselves.

Since 2008 welfare costs have skyrocketed to over a TRILLION dollars!!!  That’s right, a 32% increase in under four years!  Fax Congress and tell them to cut cord and the spending!

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Do you really think the American need of welfare went up 32% in four short years or is something else at play here?  Do you think the liberals and Obama are using welfare as an electoral tool to garner votes?  In a statement from Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) regarding the exponentially expanding welfare enrollment list seen over the last three years, Sessions stated that Obama’s Federal government "explicitly encouraged growth in welfare enrollment -- combined with a weakening of welfare standards and rules."  It seems that the tax dollars of the productive is being wasted and squandered by able-bodied men and women who take a government welfare check in exchange for a liberal vote come Election Day.

Click HERE to demand that Congress dramatically cut welfare entitlement

It is clear that President Obama is using welfare to politically enslave those members of society who would rather sit on their butts rather than give a hard days work for an honest wage.  As stated earlier, since Obama took office we have seen welfare enrollment explode; it is now estimated that one in every five people are on welfare in this country.  One in every five!!  Liberals who want to use poverty as a voting block are using many of these new enrollees as political pawns.

In a time of fiscal crisis and economic emergency President Obama decided he needed to “encourage” welfare growth in the US?  Do you think we can afford to keep paying healthy men and women not to work?   Where is the solution in that plan?  We will pay more money, dig ourselves deeper in debt, and we will not produce a single good or service that will increase the GDP; that’s not a plan, it’s a suicide note.

It is time that we tell Congress to end all the free lunches.  It is time that we tell Congress to end the politicizing of welfare.  We must demand real cuts to the budget that will have a positive affect on our economy.  Taxpayers shouldn’t be stuck footing the bill for President Obama’s reelection.  There is no economic reason that 1/5th the American population should need government assistance.  President Obama bought his re-election and continues to buy favor using the United States Treasury.

Fax Congress and stop him today.

Click HERE to demand that Congress dramatically cut welfare entitlement


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily