At the turn of the year, the mainstream media was quick to take the December jobs report and start running stories on how the economy was slowing down. Pundits claimed that the fact that the economy created 'only 145,000 jobs in December and warned that we could be on the path towards a recession.

It was all nonsense.

The February jobs report just dropped and it is MASSIVE: The US economy added a whopping 273,000 jobs in February. It was such a massive increase that the unemployment rate actually ticked even further down to 3.5%.

But there is more. The numbers from December were revised upwards. The official statistics now peg the job growth in December at 184,000, an increase of 37k

And we're still not done. January's number was also revised upwards by 48,000, bringing the new total to 273,000 jobs created in the first month of the year.

These are blowout numbers. We are nowhere near a recession. The 3-month average for job creation is now 243,000 jobs being added per month.

Just to put it in perspective, the United States lost 1.9 million jobs in the last four months of 2008.

We are nowhere near a recession. Don't let any Trump haters say that we are!