Money & Power

Waking Up & Taking Action to Make America Stronger

By Steven S. Sadleir

Conservative Daily  is featuring a series of articles by Steven S. Sadleir, the author of Money & Power: Waking Up & Taking Action to Make America Stronger.

“The refusal of King George III to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, was probably the prime cause of the revolution.” Benjamin Franklin

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America has fallen asleep. We’ve become dependent on representatives in government who, for the most part, no longer represent the interests of “we the people” and have become the foot soldiers of multinational corporations, PAC’s and the Banking Cartel.  These entities have tremendous leverage over Congress – more than most people realize.

The purpose of Money & Power is to inform the public and remove the veil of secrecy so “we the people” can return America to prosperity by bringing our country back to the principals and practices that made us financially strong for so long.

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The whole world revolves around money, yet very few people really understand it. The entire world economy operates on a system we call capitalism, yet very few people understand the basis of capitalism, the global banking system, or monetary policy and how it affects our lives. Our ignorance is why we suffer, and why we go through difficult financial times again and again throughout our history. This book is designed to provide you a simplified overview of our monetary system and economy, and give you the insight to make the best decisions.

During the late 1970s I was going to college at night and selling diamonds and gold as investments during the day. One of my clients was a New York Congressman named Allard K. Lowenstein. Congressman Lowenstein was a civil rights and antiwar activist and was perhaps most famous for leading a movement to open the investigations into both Kennedy assassinations. He was a personal friend of the Kennedy family and believed elements within our own government, including the CIA and the Banking Cartel, were behind both the assassinations. During the PBS television show Firing Line in 1975, Congressman Lowenstein was interviewed by William F. Buckley Jr. and for the first time the American public was shown the ballistic and forensic evidence that is at odds with the conclusions of the government’s own investigation.

When I met Allard, he had told me that he had been warned not to pursue the reopening of the Kennedy investigations or there would be consequences for him and his family. When asked who these people were, he said they were the ones that run our government, the ones who control the money; he told me, “Steven,  if you want to know who controls the world, just follow the money.” That one statement marked a turning point in my life that has ultimately led me, after over thirty years of research and work in this field, to write these words to you.

The following year I enrolled as a junior at Menlo College in Menlo Park, California. One morning in class I read in the Wall Street Journal that Allard had been shot in the forehead while at his office, and something in me clicked, and I resolved to learn all I could about the Federal Reserve, our banking system, and who controls the world.

After graduating with a B.Sc. in business administration from Menlo, I was sent to the University of Wales at Bangor, in the United Kingdom, to study financial economics, and specifically international banking. Here we learned about the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and how the international banking system works.

The biggest deals made are loans to other countries and syndicated loans, project financing, such as offshore oil drilling. These syndicated loans involve numerous banks, each participating in projects such as offshore oil drilling or copper-gold mining, and also involve working with the World Bank, IMF, and various governments. It’s through the workings of the World Bank and IMF that you begin to see how the world really works, and who controls the world. It was here I learned how a very small group of men actually control the world.

What I learned I would like to share with you—and insider’s view of how the world of money and banking work. This book is condensed and covers a lot of ground very quickly, as if it were a textbook for college students. When you have finished reading, you’ll know more about how the world really works than most congressmen, businessmen, and educators; this knowledge is necessary if we are to fulfill the dream for which our forefathers fought, to create a country where the common man was not oppressed by the wealthy and powerful and could live in peace.

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Are you ready to take back America?

Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson told us what we must do: We need to wake up, take personal responsibility to be accurately informed, to make sure our representatives represent the interests of “we the people.”

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The good news is the United States is still the strongest economy and most powerful nation in the world, and the greatest resource we have is our citizenry. Every time our nation has been called to task we have blown the world away with our economic and social power. We still have tremendous resources and an infrastructure that could turn our economy around in months. But those changes don’t serve those on top who want to keep control, and they will fight to keep control. Our ignorance is their power.

Become an active member of our republic, and a leader in bringing about the changes that need to be made. Together we can make a difference, and must. It’s ultimately up to us.


Steven S. Sadleir

P.S. The strength of our nation is built upon the entrepreneurial drive and industrious nature of its citizens, as well as the financial infrastructure and education imbedded within the nation. We need to tell our government what we want it to do, instead of it telling us what it’s going to do. But in order to make these changes we need to first be educated and informed, and then we need to take action en masse. In other words, WE NEED YOU!