Final Immigration Legislation must NOT include Instant Total Amnesty

On January 28th, the “Gang of 8” unveiled a complete AMNESTY plan, not true immigration reform!  This “Immigration Love Fest” of four Democratic and four Republican senators reopened a “can of worms” or shall we say a redeux of the 2007 Congressional amnesty plan that was defeated.  In reality, it is just about the same. 

What the “Gang of 8” released was merely a four-page summary.  This is only a “framework”, which will eventually develop into a piece of legislation.  We noted that the majority of this “Gang of 8” earlier voted in 2006 for the Secure Fence Act.  One can see how many miles of border fences that built!

We must tell each and every Congressman that they must OPPOSE “Total Outright Amnesty” and they must pass immigration legislation that REALLY does secure our border!   

Fax Every Member of the U.S. Congress RIGHT NOW!

Their vague phrases of “increased infrastructure” and “technology” actually revealed a seemingly powerless Immigration Commission, however bipartisan.  Their job: “To examine border security!”  It has been examined and examined to death!  It is now time to truly ACT and build a secure border “fence.” 

Even the Washington Post reports that the commission is powerless: “Democratic Senators reassured immigration advocates that this commission won’t be constructed in a way that will hold up the process for too long.”

The proposal (which some have called a “manifesto of mediocrity”) gives amnesty to virtually every single illegal immigrant living here. Like the failed 2007 amnesty, they say citizenship is “contingent upon our success in securing our borders.” The illegal aliens will be able to live and work in the US immediately, but they will not be given citizenship until a commission declares that the border is secure. 

Who is kidding whom?  As Rep. Steve King (R-IA) comments: “The president has demonstrated he will only enforce the laws that he likes.”

President Obama came out with his own plan, very similar to the Gang of 8.  He affirmed, “In order for immigration reform to work, we must develop a pathway to citizenship.”  That is another term for TOTAL AMNESTY!  With vague enforcement, vague border security, and President Obama marches forward carrying his banner:  PATHWAY TO CITIZENSHIP, at any cost.

However, a runaway pathway to citizenship was a deal-breaker for some.  One of the original members of the “Gang of 8,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), declined to sign on to the framework. He said in a statement that he remains "greatly supportive of what the group aims to accomplish" and that he plans to keep working on the issue.

The president is willing to use his “bully pulpit” to get his additional Democratic votes!  He charged: “If Congress is unable to act in a timely fashion I will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist that they vote on it right away!” Isn’t it wonderful how President Obama is so “willing” to work with the legislative, law-making process, by nearly circumventing the bipartisan “Gang of 8” the very next day after they made their presentation?


The Obama Amnesty Express has several loopholes that must be closed, such as:

·         NO enforcement measures! 

·         NO mandating of E-Verify!

·         NO real definable measures to insure border security!

·         NO plan for an entry/exit program!

But the "path to citizenship" for the nation's 11 million illegal aliens was the bottom line of his agenda.  He also called for massive increases in legal immigration numbers.


Like you and me, our position is clear, as Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) says it best: “I will not be supporting the Senate’s proposed ‘immigration reform’ should it reach the House. I cannot and will not support any immigration reform proposal that institutes an amnesty program or does not begin with a comprehensive plan to secure the borders.”

One of the cornerstones of immigration reform, also a member of the Gang of 8, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) urged: “I’ve seen the good that legal immigration has done for our country and I see the strain that illegal immigration places on our country.  Immigration reform must not only focus on the border, but should also incorporate workplace enforcement and a visa tracking system.”

The junior senator from Florida also brought in additional points of possible deal-breakers: “Obamacare is the only federal benefit where you qualify for it not because you have a green card, but only because you’re lawfully present. That issue needs to be resolved because if Obamacare is available to 11 million people, it blows a hole in our budget and makes this bill undoable.’’

Flooding the United States with people who many times do not share our values and ideals makes no sense.  Flooding our over-burdened job markets with 11 million people makes no sense.  Flooding our healthcare systems with 11 million new people will help to bring America to the brink of financial bankruptcy.


But, and this is very important to President Obama, amnesty will bring in a majority of Democrat voters.  So I ask you the question: Will this “new” immigration reform SERIOUSLY help immigrants, or will it help bureaucrats and politicians?

Join with other voices of opposition, like Tea Party newcomer Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and the minority leader in the Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), among hundreds of others, to OPPOSE total amnesty and to vote for real, guaranteed border security! Join the Conversation on Facebook now.


Tony Adkins