Dear Conservative,

You and I both know that the last five years have been painful to live through.

Yet while everyone has suffered under this President, it is the millions of younger Americans who are now watching their futures dwindling away thanks to Obama’s destructive policies.

I am a 24 year-old American, and it absolutely pains me to see how my peers have been tricked into following a President whose policies only hurt them! When you peel back the rock star persona and the hip slang, this president is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing for America’s youth. And they are beginning to realize that!

Everything that President Obama has put into motion has led to drastic decreases in take-home pay. The median household income in this country remains more than 7% lower now than when Obama took office. After five years of this President, that means that many Americans have lost an entire month’s income. So it is no wonder that 68% of the country still believes that the economy is in poor shape. The Obama administration has brought nothing but downward mobility to the majority of Americans.

And that is just for the Americans who luckily have a full time job. For the more than 7% of Americans still desperately looking for work, any take-home pay would be a welcome blessing. All of Obama’s flawed policies have led to a record number of Americans on government assistance. Since Obama took office, the number of Americans in poverty has increased by an estimated 6,667,000. That means that approximately 46,496,000 people in the United States are now living in poverty. To put that in perspective, that is almost equal to the entire population of Spain!

Without a doubt, the Obama Administration has been disastrous for those in the work force. But the prospects are even bleaker for the young Americans leaving college and looking to start their career! The youth unemployment rate (15%) is more than double the national average. We owe future generations more. They deserve better!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s policies from ruining our country for future generations!

I have been extremely lucky in my life to have loving parents who supported me and provided for me every step of the way. I received a top-notch upbringing and education, traveled the world, and was able to do things many people my age can only dream about. But while I have been gaining my graduate degree and working to build a career, I have watched policy after policy of this Administration hurt my chances of living the American dream.

I have watched President Obama’s policies squeeze American businesses dry, making it nearly impossible for friends of mine to find jobs;

I have watched the Federal government mortgage my future, spending billions of dollars it doesn’t have to save monolithic companies deemed to be “too big to fail,” while simultaneously increasing the interest rates on my student loans;

I have watched the intelligence agencies I had grown to trust after 9/11 turn their eyes on me, watching my every move and violating my privacy;

I have watched the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut used as an excuse to reignite a decades-old gun control movement to strip me of my Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

I have watched the President lie to me time and time again, instead of telling the truth about the Obamacare, IRS, Benghazi, and Fast and Furious scandals;

And I have watched my government now force me to over-pay for lack-luster health insurance coverage I don’t even want!

For the Presidential candidate who touted his “cool” factor and was said to appeal to younger Americans, it is amazing how Obama has spent his first 5 years in office making life harder for us Millennials.

The good news is that it seems that the younger generation is finally waking up, albeit very slowly. They have seen the price-tag of Obamacare’s “affordable” insurance, and they are overwhelmingly choosing to pay the penalty instead.

They have seen the light. However if we have any possibility of rolling back Obama’s policies punishing all Americans, then we need to stand as one and force Congress to act!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s policies from ruining our country for future generations!

Millennials (Americans ages 18 to 30) overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2008 and 2012. However many have finally realized Obama’s true colors, and his among this age group support is dwindling.

Young Americans have begun to realize that every single government entitlement program is unsustainable. When they fail or become insolvent, my generation will be forced to pick up the tab.

Whether it is Medicare, Social Security, our student loans, or now Obamacare, the entire system is an upside-down pyramid: a smaller population of younger Americans are being bled dry and forced to offset the costs for the rest of the population.

Now theoretically, there is nothing wrong with this as long the programs we pay into are actually around in the future when we need them. But we know this isn’t the case! Medicare will become insolvent by 2026; Social Security by 2033; Obamacare was insolvent from the beginning; and unless we tackle our out-of-control spending and debt, it all won’t matter anyway because our money will be worthless!

When you factor in everything this President has done – increasing inflation, unsustainable entitlement programs, record-high national debt, high youth unemployment – you would be hard pressed to find a worse time to be a young, college graduate!

But it doesn’t need to be this way! We can change the country’s course together!

In many ways, Millennials (also known as Generation Y) are significantly more liberal than their parents. They are more likely to support liberal social policies, like gay marriage and legalized marijuana. Yet while a large portion of this generation is unapologetically socialist (thanks to our country’s Liberal college and university professors), there is also a huge youth Conservative and Libertarian movement. A recent Pew Research Poll shows that many young Americans voice support for Conservatism (60%) and Libertarianism (38%). Sure, a large percentage of Millennials are Liberals. But many are also Conservatives, or Conservatives in the making! Young Americans recognize the importance of fiscal conservatism and individual freedoms, and they are becoming more important every day.

So even though I would never be caught dead voting for this President, I want to apologize on behalf of my generation for putting Barack Obama in the White House not once, but twice. But I promise you that there are many young Americans like me who are outraged over this administration’s policies and broken promises. Believe it or not, the youth opposition is actually growing. For the first time in his Presidency, a Harvard University poll has found that the majority of young Americans actually support impeaching President Obama!

We must harness this outrage, and we can! All I ask is that you to do two things:

First of all, forward this email to your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or any young American who you think will listen. Join Us On Facebook The only way we can take this country back is if every conservative, regardless of age, is working together and faxing Congress

Secondly, please take the time to tell Congress that it is unacceptable to spend and spend, only to hand the bill off to future generations!

Together we really can succeed in this. I see progress every day as friends of mine wake up, realizing what a mistake they made voting to put this clown in the White House and his collaborators in Congress.

So as Congress comes back into session this week, please stand up to them on behalf of me and my peers so that when the time comes, we will inherit an America that is just as beautiful and prosperous, if not more so, than the America that was entrusted to you.

Tell Congress to STOP Obama’s policies from ruining our country for future generations!

God bless,

Max McGuire

Staff Writer

Conservative Daily