Congress Blackmailed & Told HOW To Vote! Congress, Stop Being Complacent & Investigate Your Peers!
Last week, journalist James O’Keefe released an undercover interview with the unsuspecting Democrat intern, Titus Warren, who spilled the beans on how Congress members are coerced into voting through sex parties, drugs, and shadowy scandals. For a while now, the public has been aware of government corruption, suspecting that politicians are bought, blackmailed, and controlled. We demand an end to this. Congress must launch an investigation into their peers to determine who is being blackmailed and who is doing the blackmailing.
Titus Warren, a Capitol Hill intern, disclosed to James O'Keefe how Congress members are manipulated to vote in a particular way through blackmail and extortion, often tied to affairs and sex parties. Despite holding opposing views to the party he works for, Warren reveals that his Republican employers are indifferent to his unconventional stances, including his professed "love" for Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, and his controversial belief that Donald Trump "needs to die." This in itself is insane and should lead to questions about who our so-called conservative representatives are surrounding themselves with. 
During the interview, James O’Keefe, founder of O’Keefe Media Group, uncovered that the reality behind Congress Members’ voting patterns, staff choices, and activities outside of Congress is far from what it appears. Most Congressmen in D.C. don’t think for themselves but rely on staffers like Warren and advisors to guide their decision-making. Even more troubling, they succumb to external influences, such as blackmail, involving their sexual misconduct while supposedly serving the American people.
Titus claims that sex parties are common in D.C., and when Congress members appear tired and groggy during sessions, they are allegedly recovering from drug-induced orgies. These events are used to gain leverage over officials, pressuring them to support preferred policies and oppose unfavorable ones.
The leverage extends beyond congressional votes; it apparently influences election seasons as well. Titus asserts, “If you ever run for office, and you’ve been where I am, you would use that as leverage to win your campaign.”
Congress must investigate who has been blackmailed and who is behind the blackmailing. We elect representatives to amplify our voices, but having these mouthpieces work against us is unacceptable. Additionally, the revelation of orgies, drug use, and hungover individuals leading Congressional sessions is abhorrent. Congress needs to speak up, stop being complacent, and investigate your peers!