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On Monday, new Twitter Files were released about Pfizer and their lobbyists’ role in censoring the truth about the experimental mRNA gene therapies. Based on the reporting, it appears that they censored this information – life changing information for the vaccine injured – out of a profit motive. 

This installment comes from independent investigative journalist Lee Fang (@lhfang), and is positioned: “How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy. The push included direct pressure from Pfizer partner BioNTech to censor activists demanding low-cost generic vaccines for low-income countries.”

Fang published the thread in a reader-friendly article in The Intercept entitled: “Covid-19 Drugmakers Pressured Twitter To Censor Activists Pushing For Generic Vaccine.” Here is a bit from Fang’s article on how he developed this reporting.

“The Intercept accessed Twitter’s emails after the company’s billionaire owner, Elon Musk, granted access to several reporters in December. This is the second story I have reported through access to these files. The first centered on the Pentagon’s network of fake Twitter accounts used to spread U.S. narratives in the Middle East. In reporting this story, as with the last, Twitter did not provide unfettered access to company information; rather, they allowed me to make requests without restriction that were then fulfilled on my behalf by an attorney, meaning that the search results may not have been exhaustive. I did not agree to any conditions governing the use of the documents, and I made efforts to authenticate and contextualize the documents through further reporting. The redactions in the embedded documents in this story were done by The Intercept to protect privacy, not Twitter.”

From Fang’s reporting: 

“The global lobbying blitz includes direct pressure on social media. BioNTech, which developed Pfizer's vaccine, reached out to Twitter to request that Twitter directly censor users tweeting at them to ask for generic low cost vaccines.” AND “In a separate push, Pfizer & Moderna's lobbying group, BIO, fully funded a special content moderation campaign designed by a contractor called Public Good Projects (PGP), which worked w/Twitter to set content moderation rules around covid ‘misinformation.’ BIO provided $1,275,000 to the campaign, part of which is revealed through tax forms. The PGP campaign, called ‘Stronger,’ helped Twitter create content moderation bots, select which public health accounts got verification, helped crowdsource content takedowns.”

The latest releases from Twitter Files show the outsized role of pharma lobbyists, BIO in particular, running a massive media narrative and publicly policy campaign focused on building buy-in for the mRNA gene therapy – while at the same silencing dissent of their own untested and provably harmful product. Brought to you by Pfizer and made possible through government coercion. 

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