BREAKING: Schools Quarantining Amidst Resurgence of COVID-19 - We MUST Protect Our Children
Initially, universities, certain businesses, Hollywood, and government institutions were reported to be reintroducing masking, social distancing, and regular testing.
As we've discussed, this is directly linked to the pandemic treaty introduced by the UN in coordination with the WHO. This treaty would legally bind countries that are part of the United Nations to adhere to WHO pandemic guidelines. Conveniently, this pandemic treaty is set to be released in 2024, aligning with the 2024 election.
Now comes the distressing part of this resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many schools are gearing up for additional quarantines, mask mandates, social distancing, testing, and more. Our children are once again facing a perilous situation.
Today, I'm getting a bit personal with you, dear readers, as the topic of school closures strikes close to home for me.
I was a student when the COVID-19 pandemic took its grip. I still remember going on spring break and not returning until my Junior year. From that point onwards, my college grappled with stringent mask mandates, regular testing, 2-week quarantines for anyone in proximity who tested positive, segregated classes, the hybrid system of alternating days, and a whole slew of other challenges.
It wasn't until two years after the pandemic had begun, in 2022 that things began to normalize, but the aftermath of the virtual learning, quarantines, and disrupted education left a profound impact.
I heard from my high school, about the incoming freshmen who hadn't experienced a regular school environment since elementary and middle school years, and during the pandemic were handed exceedingly simple assignments and faced no consequences for failing to submit their work. As they entered high school, they struggled immensely – I'm not exaggerating. Over 60% of the freshman class found themselves on a "probation" list, indicating they had at least two failing grades. The sophomore class didn't fare much better.
Adding to the turmoil, the school witnessed an unprecedented exodus of teachers – most attributing their departure to the stress induced by the constant quarantines, hybrid systems, and mandates.
Fast forward to 2023, and history is repeating itself with a vengeance. Not just plans, but numerous schools are actively canceling in-person classes.
Two school districts in Kentucky have announced closures due to illness among staff and students. Magoffin County Schools will remain closed on Thursday and Friday due to widespread illness. Similarly, Lee County School District has declared closures related to illness on Tuesday and Wednesday, along with non-traditional instruction days on Thursday and Friday.
Let's be brutally honest – we're all too familiar with this cycle. More schools will undoubtedly follow suit, mandates will resurface with a vengeance, and the tyranny – because that's exactly what it is – will prevail.
Their education, their social interactions, the guidance they receive – all of this holds immense significance. During their academic journey, they shouldn't have to grapple with distractions or stress brought on by mandates, quarantines, or any other oppressive measures the government tries to impose.
I STRONGLY DEMAND that our congressional members, our elected officials, DO NOT permit the closure of schools, that they do not endorse ANY mandates, particularly within our educational institutions. I hope to see bills, acts, protests, and everything in-between being developed to halt the resurgence of the draconian covid mandates and quarantine.