Will anyone, anywhere, ever be held responsible for Benghazi?

Dear Conservative Friend,

It has been almost a year since Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other brave Americans were killed in the 9-11 attack in Benghazi. It took the FBI weeks to get to the scene and then TWO MORE MONTHS before the first person was ever interviewed! It wasn’t until this May that the White House released a photo of three men that they want to talk to. Then, the President starts dishonest talking points about Republicans making up scandals! PLUS, just this month, we get the first charges – only they are under seal!

Today, the administration put another nail in the coffin of the real truth behind Benghazi as Secretary of State John Kerry gave a pass to the only people that have ever been held responsible for the deaths of four Americans. The staff, including former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Charlene Lamb, all get a pass.


Yes, you read that right. Kerry cleared the only four employees reprimanded. He cleared them to return to work and in a statement it said that Kerry had carefully studied the findings of the agency's Accountability Review Board (ARB), and "reaffirmed its finding that no employee breached their duty or should be fired but rather that some should be reassigned."

Remember Ms. Lamb testified under oath that, “WE HAD THE CORRECT NUMBER OF ASSETS IN BENGHAZI AT THE TIME OF 9-11!”

Well, apparently NOT Ms. Lamb, because four Americans died that night and no one from the White House would go to their aid! No one ever tried, as help was directed to STAND DOWN.

The State Department said in a statement on Tuesday “that all four State employees would return to work”, but did not detail their new assignments. And they go on to say that they have no evidence for further review!


Where is the justice for the families? What lessons did we learn? Not one – NONE! Even today an internal review from the State Dept. reviled we still have less than adequate security at 15 US Embassies and Consulates!

How is this complete incompetence possible in the United States of America? Who will be held responsible for this tragedy?

Stand with the People and FAX Congress insisting on a Complete Benghazi Special Investigation – with a Special Prosecutor! Someone needs to be held accountable!  What they are doing is wrong! What they are doing is CORRUPT!

There is still so much more being ignored that needs to be investigated. Did you see the news on August 12th? U.S. officials and experts acknowledged an Egyptian connection to the Benghazi attacks. They still try to point elsewhere and blamed a “ragtag group of jihadists”, led by Muhammad Jamal Abdo Al-Kashif (aka Abu Ahmad), known as the “Jamal network.” It seems however, the administration downplayed this fact of the Egyptian connection, while several Arabic-language sources revealed a bigger connection. Stay tuned to Conservative-Daily because we are investigating and will have more to share soon.

There is not an investigation of Benghazi. There is only an illusion of an investigation. We have an imitation of an investigation on Benghazi, with no real investigative work being done anywhere, by anyone! Not one single arrest has been made. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of this administration rubbing my nose in their arrogance and incompetence!


Last year all the media opined that the Benghazi attack was an "October Surprise". The media simply dismissed any and all conversations about it being anything but a surprise, a terrible tragedy, that couldn’t be helped.

This IS NOT SOME sort of conspiracy gibberish! This is a cover-up. Congress needs to get to the bottom of this and answer all the still unanswered questions!

Benghazi has been a diplomatic failure from the beginning. Remember that despite increasingly ominous predictions from Ambassador Stevens, the State Department, Hillary Clinton’s department, denied requests for more security.

And, what is more disturbing is - not only did the department not increase the security - they took all security away from Stevens! There is absolutely no justification for this systematic removal of security. And don’t let the lies from the Left tell you it was the Republicans fault! It’s already been confirmed that the budget excuse by State was absolutely false. What in the world is going on?

We still haven’t heard anything about the meeting Ambassador Stevens had with the Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akinin, so late that night in Benghazi and not in Tripoli?

On 9/11 – with credible chatter about attacks on the Anniversary -- there wasn’t any special security for diplomatic installations around the Middle East?

I want to know how so many people can lie about the attack being in reaction to an anti-Muslim video in Cairo when it was clear to everyone engaged, that it was an attack by terrorists?

We were already shocked when we found out that the Commander-In-Chief went to bed that night. And further comments from one of his security team indicates he was playing cards during the attack, while Americans died. You can’t make this stuff up!

The Benghazi cover-up points all the way to the White House and we must keep the pressure on now while we are getting attention and building awareness. People are beginning to wake up – NOW WE MUST SPEAK UP!

Who could forget, Susan Rice, who went on all the 5 Sunday morning talk shows with an altered storyline - a story about an upsetting “YouTube video” creating a spontaneous attack outside the Consulate. Her fictitious storyline was a diversion meant to misdirect working Americans like us.

And what happens to her for this incompetency? She gets promoted to National Security Advisor!

We also know Ms. Clinton lied directly to the face of the mother of the killed SEAL, saying it was caused by a “YouTube video.” Mrs. Clinton lied on the day the men came back –the day they came home in caskets, draped in flags. What kind of person can do that? And, her punishment? NONE. Ms. Clinton simply states, “What difference at this point does it make”, and the media drops the question!

IT MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE, HILLARY CLINTON. You and President Obama may not care about the lives of innocent Americans, but I do. Obama keeps promising “justice”.  Yet he keeps telling the American people and the families of those killed or injured  that Benghazi is a phony scandal!

How is this justice, Mr. President? I demand to know how the greatest military in the world, led by the Commander and Chief of the Free world, could just let these men die, alone, waiting for help to come.

You have to be seeing what I am seeing. This is a pattern of deception, misdirection and Tyranny! The real question is WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?

It is easy to see that the CIA agency is doing all within its power to conceal their involvement in Benghazi.  CNN reported that the CIA was engaged in threatening CIA operatives to remain silent on Benghazi or they would be jeopardizing themselves and their families. Almost THREE DOZEN CIA operatives are being MUZZLED and INTIMIDATED!

Tell Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor to get to the very bottom of this Benghazi Scandal that has cost FOUR American lives!

A highly-decorated Air Force LTG Tom McInerney (Ret.) has said that the “stand-down” of why the secondary security force (to backup Benghazi) was held up---could only come from one source:  THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF!!

John King, CNN Chief National Correspondent, normally a “cheerleader” for the president, concludes: “Nearly a year later, Benghazi remains a flashpoint in Washington for two very different reasons: indefensible pre-attack policy decisions and irresistible post-attack politics.

If you believe in Liberty, please join with us and say ENOUGH! No more lies! It is a felony to lie to Congress and we know Clinton lied. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outright LIED, committed PERJURY, before Congress earlier this year!  Obviously, John Kerry carries the “torch” of this despicable cover-up charade and lie! 

FAX NOW and TELL CONGRESS THEY MUST appoint a Special Prosecutor to get to the very bottom of this Benghazi Scandal that has cost FOUR American lives!

The Obama administration continues to STONEWALL the Benghazi investigation! Americans want answers! The Families of those killed NEED TRUTHFUL answers! The on-going revelations DEMAND that a Special Prosecutor dig to the very bottom of the Benghazi debacle.

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Tony Adkins