4 DEAD Patriots:  NO “Phony” Scandal

Dear Conservative,

President Barack Obama has once again LIED about the Benghazi Embassy attack!  During his campaigning last week, he called 4 dead American’s a “phony” scandal!  Mr. President: 4 Dead Americans (including an Ambassador) is NOT a “phony” scandal!  Remind Congress that you will not forget these men like our President wants!

The media is spewing the President’s message as well saying, “Everything about this entire political controversy has been discredited; all of the allegations have proven baseless.” The lame stream media is reporting that the administration has already answered all the questions about Benghazi!

The media thinks you are stupid. They think you will just believe everything and anything they say. Prove them wrong, tell them you haven’t forgotten and you won’t forget!

Over TEN MONTHS ago, following the initial Benghazi attack, UN Ambassador Rice joined former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama in a publicity campaign to say that the Benghazi attack was due to a privately produced YouTube video that Muslims reportedly found offensive.  On the Sunday following the attack, Rice went on FIVE television talk shows, repeatedly claiming that the attack was a “spontaneous – not a premeditated response” to a hateful video that was disseminated on the Internet. It had the backing of Obama.

A couple of weeks ago, General Ham told the Aspen Security Forum that he was in a meeting with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey when word of the attack came in: Ham commented:

“It became apparent to all of us quickly that this was NOT a demonstration, this was a violent attack.” 

CIA Director General David Petraeus testified before Congress that the initial “indications were that the attack was linked to al Qaeda.” 

Tell Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor NOW! We must get to the bottom of this Benghazi Scandal before we can make sure it never happens again!

In short: President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton covered up their mistakes and lied about it!



Mr. President, wagging your finger at the American people will not make it go away!

Only just revealed, Diplomatic Security Agent David Ubben, the hero fighting alongside former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, waited 20 hours for medical help from U.S. forces! While Agent Ubben was doing his duty and putting his life on the line, our President went to bed, yes he went to sleep. Ubben is still in rehabilitation to this day!

Ubben has yet to testify before Congress.  Most of the diplomatic corp. is under an Obama administration gag order to NOT testify!!  Two weeks ago, Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA) said he had it on good authority that Benghazi witnesses have been forced by the Defense Department and the CIA to sign NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS preventing them from testifying to what they saw.

FAX Congress and TELL them to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Benghazi Scandal where FOUR Americans DIED and our President LIED!

Witness intimidation . . . stonewalling . . . lying.  Sound like another scandal in the news? Oh, yes THE IRS! What ever happened to a transparent administration---this was gone, a long time ago?

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These new revelations DEMAND that a Special Prosecutor dig to the very bottom of the Benghazi debacle.

This is much more serious than bungled “talking points” by Susan Rice on American television.  This is even much more serious than then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sloughing it off by saying, “What’s the difference?”   This is not a PHONY scandal!

President Obama knew the YouTube lie was false by 2:00 pm on the 12th, at the very latest, yet his administration continued to spread lies for personal political gain right before an election!

Please help the families and Urge Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor

The terrorist attacks (NOT a YouTube video!) claiming the lives of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other patriots will forever remain etched in our minds! 

However, too many questions surrounding that deadly night remain unanswered:

  • Why was diplomatic security in Benghazi so weak?

  • Why did the Pentagon fail to scramble military reinforcements during the seven-hour raid?

  • Why did the Administration initially claim the attack was a “spontaneous demonstration” triggered by a YouTube video?

  • Why this overt cover-up scheme using a video as scape-goat?

We the People demand and deserve answers!

Urge Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor to get to the very bottom of this Benghazi Scandal!


Tony Adkins


P. S.  A retired, highly-decorated, Air Force General (LTG Tom McInerney – ret.) has said that the “stand-down” of why the secondary security force was held up---could only come from one source:  THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF!!