Dear Conservative Friend,

We have two major and tragic events to observe this Wednesday, September 11, 2013.  Although it’s been 12 years, the memories of that day, all the horrific images, will live on in our minds forever.  On Wednesday, I hope you’ll join many other Americans taking a moment of silence or prayer to honor all the victims of 9/11.  Take a moment to think about the service men and women who lost their lives that day while running up the stairs when everyone else was running out.

However, it’s only been one year since the Benghazi cover-up and still no answers for lives lost that day, that very sad day!  No answers and no justice. Our Ambassador knew things were not safe and still, he was repeatedly turned down for additional security by his friend Hillary Clinton. 

Mr. President, you left our Ambassador behind to be dragged around the streets, and worse. Where is the justice you promised? 

And, just to stick it in our face, President Obama sent out the Benghazi patsy, SUSAN RICE to tell us there is no doubt that Assad's government used chemical weapons on the rebels!

The administration and President Obama found a great way to help “celebrate” the ONE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY of total “Stonewalling” over the attack on Benghazi.  Yes, this past Sunday, one of four whistleblowers, in an interview said that he felt he was being PUNISHED by the federal government for telling what he knew before a Congressional committee on Benghazi earlier this year!



Gregory Hicks appeared on ABC News’ This Week on Sunday, September 8th, being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos.

He painfully reflected: “Hearing of the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens was the saddest moment in my career.”

Hick’s describes the last moments on the phone with the ambassador, "I got the ambassador on the other end, and he said, 'Greg, we're under attack,'" Hicks recalled, speaking slowly and purposely throughout his testimony. "It was also a bad cell phone night in Tripoli. Connections were weak. And I said, 'OK,' and the line cut."

Many more questions still remain.  Patriotic Americans want answers---we just the truth of what really happened.

Notify Congress that they MUST appoint a Special Prosecutor and a Select Committee to get to the very bottom of this Benghazi Scandal that has cost FOUR American lives!

Yet, the Obama and Hillary Clinton cover-up continues!  Of course Secretary of State John Kerry is “in on it” also.

Dismissed by President Obama as another “phony scandal” touches the nerves of all Americans, on both sides of the aisle---especially the Navy SEALS organization which has been the most active and vocal to protest this stonewall.

Mr. President, I dare you to tell the families of the four slain individuals that this is a “phony” scandal!  Lest we, or you, forget:

1.    Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens

2.    Sean Smith, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer

3.    Glen Doherty, Navy SEAL

4.    Tyronne S. Woods, Navy SEAL

Much of the focus of America, and the entire world, for that matter, has been on the crisis in Syria.  But we must take and seize the moment of opportunity, to mark the one-year anniversary, to remind Congress of this shameful debacle and black eye on the history of the United States of America!  Please fax today.  Your personal fax today will refresh their mind about the importance of this need.  This will NOT go away, like some have claimed and Obama wishes.  In fact, as we “celebrate” this one year, we are re-dedicating our efforts to URGE Congress to get to the very bottom of this tragedy; because the American people really want to know what truly happened!

Why didn’t the “Calvary swoop in” like they were supposed to?  Or should have?

Why is the administration so diligent on hiding information?

What was really going on in the secretive CIA annex in Benghazi?

Now, this past weekend we were told that the Obama administration is PUNISHING those who simply told the truth to Congress under oath!

This begs the question:  Why are whistleblowers who merely told the truth being punished, when Ahmed Abu Khattala, the military leader of the raid, and his cohorts who have been criminally charged---but NOT arrested!  For some reason, is President Obama treating the killers softly, while punishing those Americans who told the truth!  Why?

URGE every Member of Congress that they MUST appoint a Special Prosecutor and a Select Committee to get to the very bottom of this Benghazi Scandal that has cost FOUR American lives!


Gregory Hicks was one of four Department of State “whistleblowers” to expose the Accountability Review Board’s lack-luster whitewash in the aftershock of the terrorist attack.  He told Stephanopoulos:  “I’m being punished for telling the truth.”  As a first-time exclusive, Hicks said it might have been possible to save two of the four men that were killed (if the State Department would have reacted correctly!).

Hicks told: “Sadly…I think that Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith, maybe not.  Ty (Woods) and Glen (Doherty), of course, were killed in the mortar attacks that took place eight hours (8 HOURS!!!!) after the initial attack…It’s possible they could have been saved, I think,” talking about the two former Navy SEALS working as CIA contractors in Libya.

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Hicks represents “the worst nightmare” for the Obama administration.  He knows too much.  He knows what rescue efforts could have happened!  He was the only official from the United States who was in Libya during the attack who has spoken publicly about the attack.  CIA agents who were on the compound have been ordered to sign NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS under the disguise of a supposed secret mission.

These people WHO HAVE THE ANSWERS are given ongoing polygraph tests to make sure they are not speaking to anyone, including the United States Congress.  Yeah, just another “phony” scandal!  This has implications that are far greater than Watergate.  That is why the administration is pulling out all the stops to put the muzzle on people.  Some potential “whistleblowers” have been reassigned where no one knows where they are; and some have even had their names changed!

This is why we must keep the heat on.  This is why we must join with other patriots and Navy SEALS to put the “full-court press” on the administration.  Your faxes will make a very distinctive difference on this one-year anniversary of the greatest blemish on our country

Obviously, according to U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), whose district is where the CIA headquarters are located in northern Virginia, many CIA agents were not afraid to come forward, initially.  But the administration has seen to it that their careers are on-the-line if they blow the whistle.  Let Congress know how you feel today.

Fax Congress to compel them to appoint a Special Prosecutor and a Select Committee to get to the very bottom of this Benghazi Scandal that has cost FOUR American lives!

Career diplomat Gregory Hicks told ABC News: “I don’t know why I was shunned aside, put in a closet, if you will.”

We know.  President Obama and his administration do NOT want the American people to find out the truth.  Thank God some great Americans quickly saw through the original sham of telling the people it was not a terror attack, but just a Muslim reaction to an anti-Muslim film on YouTube.  WOW!  Reports show that the State Department absolutely knew it was a terror attack within MINUTES.  It seems so long ago!  And it was.  One entire year! 

Of course the United States State Department responded to media questions about Hicks.  Their “response” was that they deny that Hicks has been punished at all, but that he still draws a check without any work assignment.

Our diplomat’s blood is on the hands of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry! 

Only four people were ever disciplined for their actions surrounding the attack and not a single person lost their job. Secretary of State John Kerry recently returned all four officials to work, without subjecting them to hearings regarding their role in the attack. Apparently, answers on Benghazi aren’t at the top of Kerry’s “to-do” list.

Where do we stand on this Benghazi Day of Infamy?

1.     Last November, U.S. Rep. Louis Gohmert introduced H.R. 36 that called “for the establishment of a special Congressional committee to investigate the Benghazi attack and the Obama administration’s handling of it in the weeks that followed.”  There were 160 co-sponsors

2.    On July 27, 2013, U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) filed a “discharge petition” that would get around the scheduled process for bills, currently controlled by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), and force GOP leadership to allow a House vote. Stockman writes:  “If I can get 218 Congressional Republicans to back me, a majority of the House, we will break through the D.C. stonewall and there will finally be a vote on creating the Select Committee to investigate Benghazi. “

Both are “in committee” and it appears that both the House leadership is dragging their feet to get anything done towards finding out the answers!

The cover-up has gone on for 365 days too long!  Be sure to fax Congress right now!

URGE every Member of Congress that they MUST appoint a Special Prosecutor and a Select Committee to get to the very bottom of this Benghazi Scandal that has cost FOUR American lives!  They must ACT on H.R. 36 and Rep. Stockman’s “Discharge Petition.”

Help stop the lies…the intimidation…the stonewalling…the cover-up!


Joe Otto