This is just the Tip of Iceberg!

This week when Gregory Hicks, the former deputy chief of mission in Libya on September 11, 2012, testified---the pieces began to fall into place that there is a definite Benghazi COVER-UP!

In his own words, “My jaw dropped when I heard U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice blamed the attack on the video.”  But these “whistleblowers” might just be the mere “tip of the iceberg.”


A retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General has said that the “stand-down” was why the secondary security force was held up--- it could only come from one source:  THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF!!


AFTER EIGHT MONTHS, Americans---and especially the families of the four slain State Department employees are continuing to DEMAND THE TRUTH!

The more Congress investigates, the more we understand that Americans are NOT getting the truth of this national security matter.  Demand answers today!  House Speaker John Boehner believes that key State Department emails will get to the truth!

Their families DEMAND an explanation!

NO, it was not over some anti-Islamic video!  Hicks testified that everyone immediately knew it was a terror attack; yet U.N. Ambassador Rich went on five television talk shows and claimed the attack was as a direct result of an obscure video trailer posted on the Internet called “Innocence of Muslims.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton even told the father of the slain Navy SEAL “We are going to have that person arrested and prosecuted who did the video!”  Yes, the future 2016 presidential candidate helped to promote the cover-up.

Another telltale sign was her attitude: “What difference, at this point, does it make?” when she testified before Congress.  This past week’s testimony, not covered much by the media, was the beginning, just the tip of the iceberg.

Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney (Ret.) charged: “This is going to be the biggest scandal.  It is going to make Watergate look like kindergarten because Watergate was primarily limited to the Oval Office.  This cuts across the whole national security apparatus, where people were lying and covering up.  It is a dereliction of duty that this nation has never seen before.”



Not only was it a cover-up but also many are suggesting that the American consulate was running a “Fast and Furious” type of gunrunning in Libya!

This week’s whistleblowers have been absolutely threatened by the Obama administration---in relationship to the future of their actual jobs…for testifying!  Career reprisals for testifying the TRUTH are un-American!

And the buck stops right at the doorstep of President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State (and 2016 presidential candidate) Hillary Clinton!

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The former U. S. Air Force Lt. General went on to explain:  “When is the exact minute he knew? We don’t have the timeline, and it was well before the secretary of defense and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff went over there. He only talked to the secretary of defense one time, so it’s obvious he knew that he had given the stand-down order and did not need to talk to the secretary of defense or anybody else after that.  Then he goes the next day out on a fundraising campaign to Las Vegas. That is a low for the commander in chief of this great nation.”

“The only person who could have given it was the president, and he had to give it through the secretary of defense, secretary of state. The word came out so it came from the combatant commands and other unites below, but nobody could have given that except the president of the United States, and that is very clear!”

Gregory Hicks, the number two man at the Libyan Embassy at the time of the attacks, also says the White House was lying when it claimed to be in close contact with the diplomatic team in Libya during the attack, which once again raises the question of exactly what Barack Obama was doing that night.  (I think we all know the answer – getting ready for a fundraiser – but the Palace Guard media didn’t want voters dwelling on that before the election.)

The Benghazi cover-up, NOW bolstered by State Department personnel, is an outrage.  It’s just the tip of the iceberg.  And it reaches ALL the way up into the Oval Office! 

Please fax to demand the truth!



Tony Adkins