Fellow Conservative,

We are a week away from the Iran nuclear agreement deadline and the Iranian Parliament just passed a law prohibiting nuclear inspectors from entering Iranian military facilities.

The deal is dead. Without full access to Iran’s military buildings, it would be impossible to police the deal. The image above is a picture of one of Iran's nuclear sites. It was hidden deep within one of the country's military bases. If inspectors can't search through the military bases, it's impossible to enforce the deal.

Yet, instead of stepping back and putting more sanctions on Tehran, President Obama still believes his agreement is doable.

He is marching ahead even though the Iranians just passed a law banning nuclear inspectors in their military bases and facilities.

The deal is dead. Tell Congress to perform its Constitutional duty and place sanctions against the Iranian regime!

There were 213 lawmakers present in the Iranian Parliament for the vote. A whopping 199 of them voted to prevent nuclear inspectors from enforcing the proposed treaty in military facilities.

How can we possibly hope to police the Iranian regime if we aren’t allowed to look for nuclear weapons where they’re most likely to be located?

This is coming on the heels of news that the Iranian regime has been ramping up its uranium enrichment in defiance of the agreement being negotiated. So, they’re secretly enriching even more uranium and taking steps to make sure we will never find it. Does that sound like good-faith negotiations?

It doesn’t get dumber than this. For the Obama administration to move forward with this appeasement knowing that military facilities will be off limits to inspectors is suicide.

When the legislation was passed in the Iranian Parliament, lawmakers started chanting “death to America.” The message was clear, but apparently not received by the Obama administration. Barack Obama and John Kerry are moving full steam ahead with this deal knowing that it has a zero percent chance of succeeding.

They’re not looking for tangible results… they’re just looking to build monuments to themselves.

Last month, Congress passed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. It was designed to secure Congress’ role in confirming any nuclear deal.

By all accounts, the deal is dead in the water. It is Congress’ responsibility to put a stop to this foolishness immediately and stop the Iranians from stalling and building up their nuclear stockpile.

They’re taking a play right out of the Vietnam War playbook: Pretending to negotiate a nuclear treaty and simultaneously building up their armaments.

And the Obama administration is falling for it.

It’s unacceptable. Congress reserved the right to intervene and now is the time to for you to demand that they do just that!

Don’t let Obama commit to a suicidal nuclear deal. Demand that Congress intervene and halt it in its tracks!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily