Demand a Full Congressional Investigation into the Benghazi Cover-up,

including the possibility of impeachment hearings and the levying of criminal charges.

It happened again.  Another United States diplomat has been killed in the line of duty in a Muslim country due to inadequate security.   This time a young woman was the victim.  Her name was Anne Smedinghoff, a beautiful 25 year old diplomat serving her country in one of the most dangerous places on the planet: Afghanistan.  Anne was killed in suicide bombing while delivering books to a school in Southern Afghanistan.

Ms. Smedinghoff chose to serve in one of the most hostile and terrorist ridden corners of the globe.  She and her family believed that President Obama would provide adequate security for her and her fellow diplomats.  Unfortunately, like Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and the three others killed in the Benghazi attack, such a belief was unfounded.  While Ms. Smedinghoff’s convoy was attacked by Taliban cowards; ultimately, her death is our responsibility. 

That is right.  We didn’t do enough to protect our diplomats in the line of fire.  We didn’t scream loud enough for a Congressional investigation into the Benghazi tragedy and we didn’t push hard enough for added security measures for those Foreign Service workers serving abroad. 

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It is our fault, yours and mine. Had we stood up to Obama and his cronies, maybe that young woman would still be alive.  If we had told Congress and the President in no uncertain terms that we would not stand for inadequate security, maybe Anne would still be with us; still trying to educate Afghani school children in land whose populace despised her. 

We have known for months that President Obama has no regard for the safety of American diplomats.  Obama fiddled as Benghazi burned. 

Let us be incredibly precise: according to Congressional testimony of former Secretary of Defense Leon Pannetta, on the night that four Americans were killed and our embassy was attacked, neither President Obama nor ANY White House staff contacted the Secretary of Defense nor any other person or organization that was monitoring the situation in Libya. 

Demand a Full Congressional Investigation into the Benghazi Cover-up

However, President Obama was in the White House and working that evening. He made an hour long politically motivated phone call.  Even as Americans were under attack and being killed, Obama was more concerned about his own ambitions.  He couldn’t be bothered to give the orders to send in Marines, who were only one hour away. 

In the days and weeks following Benghazi, there was clearly a cover up.  Senator Inhoffe (R-OK), Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, stated “as bad as everything that I’ve stated is, what I think is worse is the cover-up…It was obvious from the information we had on Sept. 11 that the second wave ... of attacks on the annex was unequivocally a terrorist attack, and we knew it right at the time”.

We demand to know why our countrymen died defenseless, sacrificing their lives for their county.  Of course the White House won’t comment. 

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Obama’s purposeful obfuscation is easy to understand: he had an election to steal.  He didn’t want the American people to know that the Embassy lacked armed security even though it resided in a nation known for harboring terrorists and has been historically antagonistic to the United States.  He didn’t want us to know that the Embassy had petitioned for added security and had been denied.  He didn’t want us to know that on the day of the attack, Ambassador Stevens had begged for more security, only to be denied and then killed by the very men he feared; betrayed by the country Ambassador Stevens swore to protect.

Now, Obama and his administration are guilty of another murder of omission in the death of Anne Smedinghofff.  Our diplomats deserve better

Stand with us and demand a FULL Congressional investigation into the Benghazi cover up.  We also must demand a full investigation into the lack of proper security for our diplomats abroad.  We cannot stand by and allow another American life to be taken because we fail to stand up and demand protection for our own.

President Obama must answer for his actions, even if that requires impeachment.  Lives have been lost, lies told, and injustice has been served.  It is time Congress reigns in the Obama Administration.  Demand CRIMINAL charges for any wrongdoing.  DEMAND added protection and security procedures for American diplomats all across the globe.

Fax Congress today and demand a full investigation!

Demand a Full Congressional Investigation into the Benghazi Cover-up,

including the possibility of impeachment hearings


Tony Adkins