In a major departure from his campaign promise, the Trump administration sent a delegation to the United Nation’s Climate Conference.

On the campaign trail, President Trump promised to withdraw the United States from the UN Climate Treaty. Congress never ratified the treaty, and yet Barack Obama went about funding it and implementing it through executive order. What Obama did was unconstitutional.

Last month, President Trump dismantled Obama’s unconstitutional global warming executive orders. There was a meeting scheduled two weeks ago to finalize the United States’ withdrawal, however it was cancelled at the last minute.

Now, the Trump administration has decided to send a delegation to the UN summit anyway. Word out of the White House is that Ivanka Trump has been charged with deciding whether to stay in the UN Climate Treaty. The President’s daughter has been tasked with deciding whether or not to exit an unconstitutional treaty arrangement.

That’s not her job… It’s Congress’ job!

This is not the first time we’ve seen the battle between the Conservative and Establishment wings of the Trump administration and it certainly won’t be the last.

But this is a fight we absolutely must win!

Obama had no right to sign the UN Climate Treaty, period! Send your FaxBlast to Congress now and DEMAND they formally withdraw the United Stated from this unconstitutional treaty!

Before he left office, Barack Obama funneled a second payment of half a billion to the United Nations Climate Treaty. Congress never ratified this treaty or approved that spending.

Barack Obama had no right to do any of this. And yet, the establishments of both parties, in addition to many world leaders, are pressuring Donald Trump to go back on his promise and keep the United States in this horrible treaty.

This is nothing but wealth redistribution at a global scale. The UN took a billion of YOUR money and then gave it away to countries like India and China to make their manufacturing industries more environmentally friendly.

We could have used this money to rebuild and bolster the American economy. Instead, Obama and the UN used it to prop up the very companies that are stealing jobs from Americans.

Yes, Obama’s involvement in the UN Climate Treaty was unconstitutional. That alone justifies dismantling the whole thing. But it was also really, really bad for the United States and its workers.

It looks like the more establishment wing of the White House – Ivanka, Kushner, and Tillerson – won out on this. They are pushing to keep the United States in this unconstitutional and detrimental treaty.

The White House has announced that a decision on UN Climate Treaty will be made as soon as today, but no later than tomorrow. Given the fact that the administration is still sending a delegation to the UN Climate Summit, it is easy to see what that announcement will be...

There will be times when the President acts and it is up to Congress to shore up those executive actions. There will also be times when the President doesn’t act and it will be up to you to pressure Congress to intervene.

This is one of those examples of inaction.

Congress didn’t ratify the treaty, they didn’t appropriate the funds that Obama gave away to the UN, and they certainly didn’t sign off on Obama’s radical environmental executive orders. President Trump took us 90% of the way.

Now it is time for Congress to finish this and the only way that happens is if YOU demand it!

Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to withdraw the United States from this unconstitutionally signed and implemented UN Climate Treaty!

This is the danger of delegating responsibilities. Trump, like any good leader, has surrounded himself with competing viewpoints. The problem is that a lot of his advisors disagree with the promises he made on the campaign. 

The President promised to withdraw the United States from the UN Climate Treaty. Instead, a delegation has been dispatched to the climate treaty's yearly summit. This is unacceptable.

We don't live in an ends-justify-the-means society. What Barack Obama did was unconstitutional and, arguably, treasonous. He ceded American authority to a UN treaty without allowing Congress to weigh in, as the Constitution requires.

Now, for whatever reason, elements of the Trump administration are doubling down on this lawlessness.

Only Congress can intervene now. Only Congress can reassert its constitutional authority to decide which international agreements become US law. And only you can force them to!

Out, out, out! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and force them to withdraw the United States from the unconstitutionally signed UN Climate Treaty!