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After six rounds of voting, it remains clear that Representative Kevin McCarthy (CA) does not have the votes for Speaker of the House. 

Kevin McCarthy believes that it is his turn. His surrogates came out Wednesday night calling the members of his caucus "infidels," "terrorists," and more. Because disagreeing that Kevin McCarthy should be third in the line for the Presidency now makes you a terrorist.

Kevin McCarthy should be investigated for his role in the FTX scandal, and his use of funds from the scandalized crypto exchange should be audited.

Kevin McCarthy should be investigated for meddling in assembly and primary elections to overturn the will of the people at the most local levels.

Kevin McCarthy should be politically punished -- not rewarded -- for the failure of the 2022 "red wave," after he managed to lose dozens of winnable seats during a time of peak Democrat unpopularity. 

But 201 Republicans still -- after six rounds of voting -- believe Kevin McCarthy should be allowed to fail upward? 

You should be embarrassed for supporting such an ineffective and ethical failure. The GOP is hemmoraging support and, more broadly, the American People are struggling to understand that value we derive from our investment in Congress. With every round of "it's his turn," our confidence in that investment's return sinks lower.

We are finished with the status quo. We want change. I want change.

Cancel Kevin McCarthy and nominate a serious candidate for Speaker of the House.