President Trump sent his instructions to Congress. He ordered them to pick up the pace and change the rules, if necessary, in order to get his legislative agenda passed quickly. Congress still hasn't passed any of the major legislative items that Trump ran and one on. So, the President is demanding that the GOP pick up the pace.

The GOP just responded: Not going to happen.

Mitch McConnell adamantly rejected the President's demand. McConnell wants to continue allowing just a handful of Democrats to block bills from reaching a final vote. He is perfectly content with watching liberals in both parties obstruct the agenda that the people voted for.

This is unacceptable.

Don't take NO for an answer! Send your instant FaxBlast and force Congress to pass President Trump's legislative agenda by any means necessary, including the nuclear option!

In recent months, we've have backed off on going after Mitch McConnell and his team. They delivered a Conservative Supreme Court Justice. They saw the Democrats were unreasonably obstructing Senate business and they took action to make sure the seat was filled.

Now, the same thing is happening with legislation. Liberals and RINOs are preventing common-sense bills from coming to the floor for votes. With Democrats refusing to back legislation in the Senate, it gives moderates in the House cover to vote no as well.

It only takes a handful of Democrats and RINOs to pledge to vote against a measure in order to mathematically kill it. Except, while Mitch McConnell was willing to do everything necessary to put a Conservative onto the Supreme Court, he is not willing to do the same to get the President's legislative agenda passed.

This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, a chance to completely reshape the country the way we have wanted to for years. Yet, the leadership in both the House and the Senate seem convinced that they can just stall Trump's agenda... OUR agenda!

They're wrong. If they think they can get away with letting the Left block what We the People voted for, they have another thing coming!

Nuke them 'til they glow! Send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND Congress use every tool - including the nuclear option - to get Trump's agenda passed!

I understand why McConnell and Ryan would be hesitant about changing the rules. If they do that and the Democrats retake control of the government in 4-8 years, it will be that much harder to stop them. But that will likely happen anyway. The next chance the Democrats get, they will gut the rules themselves.

The only question is whether the GOP is willing to beat them to the punch and ensure that the agenda items we voted for actually reach the President's desk.

Right now, they are refusing to budge. McConnell, Ryan, and the rest in the Republican leadership are perfectly happy not getting anything done.

It is up to all of us to make sure that they realize there is a price to pay for their inaction!

Don't go quietly! Rise up and DEMAND that Congress destroy the Left's filibuster and start putting bills on Pres. Trump's desk!

No surrender,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily