President Trump is living up to his promise to pull the plug on the United Nations, but traitors in his own party are working behind the scenes to restore all the funding he has cut.

In June, President Trump announced he was withdrawing from the United Nations’ Climate Treaty, something that Obama had unconstitutionally signed and implemented to begin with. That announcement included a decision to cut off all payments that Obama had promised the radical UN climate agency.

Yet last month, three turncoat Republican Senators - Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, and Lindsey Graham - worked with the Left to get an amendment passed through the Appropriations Committee to restore that funding. If the amendment holds, the UN will get all the climate change donations that Obama promised them.

One of the first actions that Trump took as President was to cut off funding to UN programs that facilitate abortions. It is illegal for the Federal government to pay for abortions, it makes little sense to send hundreds of millions overseas to organizations that perform abortions abroad.

That same appropriations committee just voted to overrule the President and keep your taxdollars flowing to help the UN Population Fund keep financing abortions around the world. GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins teamed up with the Democrats to get this amendment pushed through committee.

And while the Trump Administration is working to reduce international aid programs so that resources can be put to use here in the United States to help Americans, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has rejected the President and appropriated the full 51 billion that Obama had requested for international aid.

Each one of these betrayals was a blip on the radar. None of them made a splash on their own. But now, we’re in budget season and these backstabbing amendments are just one vote away from becoming a reality.

Stop these turncoat Republicans from surrendering to the United Nations! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to kill each and every one of these UN funding amendments!

The Founders called this the “power of the purse.” They gave Congress the ability to control the Federal government through the appropriations and budget process.

However, instead of passing real conservative reforms like a gun rights package or border wall funding, the GOP is only allowing budgetary amendments that undermine President Trump and restore power to the UN.

Senate Republicans have actually joined forces with Democrats to restore funding to the UN’s most heinous programs and now they are just a vote away from becoming reality

This is how close we are to failing. This is how close we are to being dragged back into the Obama years

Even as you read this, Democrats are introducing even more amendments to get the UN’s funding restored, or in some cases, even expanded. They know that the only way they can impose their agenda on Americans is through the UN!

This is an absolute attack on our sovereignty and you must stop it before it's too late!

Don't let these traitors re-fund the United Nations! Tell Congress right now to KILL each and every one of these amendments and cut off the UN radicals for good!

We knew that it would be tough wrestling control of the country away from the Left. But what is truly surprising is just how many Republican traitors there are ready to restore funding to these UN programs.

They wanted to do this in secret. They never expected anyone to pay attention closely enough to their committee hearings to notice what they were doing. But now you know. Now you know what the establishments of both parties are trying to sneak through.

And with that knowledge comes a responsibility to act!

It's up to you. Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to stop these traitorous UN amendments before it is too late!