Dear Frustrated American,

You must be completely fed up with government inaction, overreach, red tape, lip service and gridlock. And I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your attention that our current President of the United States is constantly bypassing our democratic system by going around Congress and acting as a dictator.

If Barack Obama can allow any government agency to set regulations on individuals and businesses and have a major impact on American life, then what do we need a Congress for?

RIGHT NOW there is a way to restore legislative control and accountability to Congress. WE CAN STOP OBAMA’S DICTATORSHIP and END HIS UNCHECKED CONTROL over America.

The REINS Act, (Regulations of the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act) means the power goes back into the hands of our representatives. NO MORE REGULATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. REINS requires that there be Congressional approval before major regulations can take effect. This prevents the President and government agencies from handing down decrees in a dictator-like manner, bypassing Congress and influencing our society without the input of the people and our representatives.

We have three more years of President Barack Obama. It is our duty as citizens to continue the fight for transparency and accountability in government. Tell every Member of Congress to support the REINS Act and restore democracy to America!

The REINS Act means that new MAJOR regulations that will cost more than $100 million annually would only take effect  if the House and Senate approve them. And, the House and Senate are required to vote “yay” or “nay” on each major rule, creating an expedited review process and forcing Members to vote one way or the other…which of course enables We, the People, to hold them accountable for their votes.

It is a simple and logical concept, and the fact there would be ANY debate on this is ridiculous!

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THE REINS ACT IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT NOW, as Obama tries to jam through environmental regulations on families and businesses, using junk science and United Nations talking points.

Obama has overstepped his bounds, and in many cases, acted illegally. That is why hundreds of thousands of people have called for his impeachment…but we know that is not likely to happen, because we’ve got a Congress full of Members who are unwilling to act. Passing the REINS Act is a legislative way around his dictatorship. HE arrogantly claims to know what is best for YOU and he doesn’t care that we have elected representatives that are supposed to be carrying out the wishes of the people.

The New York Times bemoans the fact that the REINS Act will “undermine the Executive Branch.” EXACTLY. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT IT TO DO. Obama has gone on too long acting as a dictator, and calls for his impeachment have fallen on the deaf ears of our weak representatives who don’t want to rock the boat and actually take action.

Restore accountability to government. Tell Congress to pass the REINS Act and end Obama’s dictatorship!


The REINS Act puts power back into the hands of the people and forces Members of Congress to vote on the merits of a bill and then be held accountable for their votes. That is why Obama hates it. IT TAKES AWAY HIS ABSOLUTE CONTROL.

Minutes after Barack Obama took office in 2009 he said his administration would be “the most open and transparent in history.” He signed orders pledging “an unprecedented level of openness” in the federal government. But oops, he didn’t think you would actually take him at his word.

Or maybe he just hoped you would forget his promise.

Not only is the administration being lazy about granting Freedom of Information Act requests, they are actively working against those requesting information, sometimes fighting them in court. Agencies are also putting up roadblocks and regulations, such as fees, to deter those who are seeking transparency. FOIA lawsuits have jumped 28 percent, and a Bloomberg investigation found that only one out of twenty cabinet-level agencies fully obeyed the law. 

There is no more accountability in our government. This administration is the LEAST transparent in history, despite Obama’s fanfare on his first day in office when he claimed he would open up government to the people.

The REINS Act is a wonderful way to reign in Obama’s power and stop him from going around Congress on major legislation. He is busy installing his buddies into top government posts and then allowing them to enact regulations on the American people with no oversight.

Don’t let the government take control of you—take control of our government! Tell Congress to pass the REIN Act!

Consider what the REINS Act will do: the EPA has the power to enforce emissions limits, but they shouldn’t have the power to SET THOSE EMISSIONS LIMITS IN THE FIRST PLACE. That is a legislative action that only Members of Congress should set, and then the EPA can enforce the regulation.

The EPA’s overreach is the reason we are about to get E15 ethanol blends that will damage our engines. The NSA overreach is the reason every single detail of your life is stored in a government computer. The DHS overreach is the reason you are stripped at the airport and it is the reason that agency is purchasing billions and billions of rounds of bullets, but then they claim they don’t have any.

THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT TO THIS AGENCY BEHAVIOR. These agencies are out of control and doing what they want, under the direction of Barack Obama.

END the dictatorship of Barack Obama and restore accountability and democracy to Washington. Tell your representatives to pass the REIN Act.


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily