A growing number of Republicans are demanding that Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell cancel Congress' vacation and force legislators to spend all of August in Washington DC passing the agenda the American people voted for.

You see, Congress is broken loosely into two camps: those who actually want to get things done and those who don't.

Many in the GOP's leadership don't want to actually accomplish anything... That is why every year, they schedule a month-long vacation during the month of August.

Now, Conservatives in Congress are demanding that the leadership cancel this summer's vacation so they can get to work passing the President's agenda!

Put your foot down! Tell Members of Congress to cancel their vacation or else pack their bags!

The push has united Conservative members of the Freedom Caucus with some of the moderate members of GOP. Both sides understand that if they fail to take advantage of the opportunity that We the People gave them, they will be voted out of office. Because both Conservatives and RINOs are angry at the Congressional vacation schedule, we have a very good chance of getting it cancelled all together, but only if we take action.

Even though the fiscal year ends on September 30, Ryan and McConnell have only scheduled 45 working days for the Congress between now and then.

Just to put that in perspective, there are 103 days until the end of the fiscal year and the leadership wants to take more than half of them off.


Wait, let me think about it...


The fiscal year deadline is important. It is the time when Conservatives can force Congress to pass amendments by slipping them into must-pass spending bills. This is our chance to get the border wall funded, to get sanctuary cities and the United Nations defunded, to pass meaningful pro-gun legislation, to repeal Obamacare, and give Americans a taxbreak for the first time in almost two decades.

If we miss this deadline, then we have to wait a whole other year to take a swing at these issues.

The GOP leadership knows it. They are so terrified of actually having to honor the promises they made that they are actually trying to run out the clock. Make no mistake: If this vacation stands, you will hear three months from now from Ryan and McConnell that they just didn't have enough time to pass anything.

If Congress wants a vacation, they can earn it. If they don't want to work for it, then we will remove them from office and send them on their own "vacation!"

Don't let these Republican traitors try to run out the clock! Send your instantly delivered FaxBlast to Congress and demand that they either cancel their vacation or be removed from office!

If Members of Congress tried this in any other job, they would be fired. That is exactly the pressure they need to feel.

Our message to Congress is simple: If you go on vacation, pack your bags. I don't care whether they are a freshman or a seasoned member of the party leadership. If they go on vacation, then they are unfit to serve as a Congressman or Senator. They were elected to do the people's business. Period.

The last time Ryan and McConnell scheduled time off, they said it was so Members of Congress could hold meetings with their constituents. Do you know what Paul Ryan did? He used the time to jet off to Disney Land and then promptly flew overseas. He just doesn't care anymore.

Why should we possibly hand the Conservative movement over to Members of Congress who want nothing more than to leave Washington DC? 

I'm putting my foot down and I hope you will as well. Don't let Congress get away with this betrayal!

Don't let Ryan and McConnell get away with running out the clock! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to work through their "vacation" or else!