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We’re getting word out of D.C. that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the soldier that Obama traded FIVE terrorists for, will be officially charged with desertion.

We take no pleasure in knowing that Bergdahl will be charged. The maximum penalty for desertion during a time of war is death. That is no cause for celebration. The loss of any life is a tragedy.

What is unacceptable, however, is what the Obama administration did to get this deserter back. They released five high-ranking terrorists from Guantanamo. This one decision has reversed a government policy almost as old as the United States itself: we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

It’s that simple. But thanks to Obama’s actions, terrorists around the world know that we are willing to trade to get our citizens/soldiers released.

Enter the Huang family. Matthew and Grace Huang were American citizens living and working in Qatar in preparation for the 2022 World Cup. They lived there with their three children. Early last year, one of the children died unexpectedly and suddenly. Even though the death was completely an accident, the Qatari government blamed the parents.

The Qatari police theorized that Matthew and Grace had bought their adopted children with the purpose of harvesting their organs, even though there was absolutely NO evidence of any of that. Qatar was on a witch-hunt and these Americans were the witches.

The family would finally be cleared of all charges and allowed to return to the United States. But now, we are learning details that question just how the Huang family managed to be released.

We are now learning that the United States may have offered up a confessed al-Qaeda sleeper agent in order to get this family released!

Force Congress to STOP the Obama administration! No more Guantanamo releases and no more negotiating with terrorists!

Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri is an al-Qaeda terrorist convicted in a U.S. court. He was a sleeper agent whose mission was to follow up the 9/11 attacks. Specifically, he plotted to release cyanide gas into New York City’s subway system, among other things.

The U.S. government was discussing trading this terrorist in order to secure the release of this American family.

Am I missing something? This man was convicted of plotting terrorist attacks. He was sentenced to serve time in prison for his crimes. What gave the Obama administration the belief that they could free a convicted terrorist?

The Huang family was released a few months ago, seemingly without any trades. But just this month, the government released Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri early and sent him back home to… Qatar.


Why was he released early? Well, the official reason is (quote) “good behavior” and “time served.” No, that’s not a joke… A convicted al-Qaeda terrorist was released from prison on good behavior.

I desperately want to believe that this White House has our interests at heart… but it doesn’t. Any President who would so willingly release known and convicted terrorists back to the battlefield is no president of ours.

If you are willing to put Americans and our allies at rick by sending these Jihadis home, then you have no right to bear the title of Commander in Chief. Because to wear that title, you have to want to win the war and you don’t do that by just letting captured terrorists go.

If these reports are true, then the Obama administration has truly hit new lows. I wanted the Huang family released just as much as anyone else. But there are limits to what we should give up to get our people sent home. Trading a convicted terrorist is crossing the line!

And you know that the Obama administration realizes this. Look at all the flak they got for trading to get Bowe Bergdahl back. So, instead of just trading prisoners outright, they waited. Two months after the Huangs returned home, they released al-Marri. The two appear unconnected, but they aren’t.

Al-Marri returned home to a hero’s welcome. He will be free to join whatever terrorist group he wants and pick up where he left off.

This is dangerous policy. Not only does it put our troops at risk, but it tells terrorists around the globe that if they capture one of our citizens, the U.S. government will give them what they want.

The GOP is gearing up to put a stop to Obama’s prisoner transfers once and for all. The bill, introduced by Senators Ayotte, McCain, Burr, and Graham, would prohibit Obama from closing Guantanamo or releasing any of the terrorists there.

This legislation won’t pass if we sit on the sidelines. We need to raise all hell and DEMAND that Congressmen and Senators in both parties put a stop to Obama’s dangerous terrorist release program!

Force Congress to STOP the Obama administration! No more Guantanamo releases and no more negotiating with terrorists!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily