Dear Conservative,

The House of Representatives is prepared to vote on an amendment TODAY that will expand firearm background checks and increase funding for the background check system so that it can incorporate more citizens’ medical records!

Representatives Peter King (R-NY) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) have drafted an amendment to an appropriations bill that would expand the background check system for gun purchases!

You might remember that last year, Reps King and Thompson also drafted the House version of the background check bill that had died in the Senate. This was the bill that would have mandated background checks for all gun transfers and created a de-facto gun registration scheme.

It failed to meet the procedural hurdles in the Senate, and the House version was never put to a vote. But, after this past weekend’s mass shooting in Isla Vista, California, the gun grabbers in Congress have reignited their gun control push.

Late last night, the gun control amendment to expand background checks passed through the House of Representatives by a voice-vote. This is a procedure used by Congress to push through contentious legislation without forcing Members of Congress to go on the record with their votes. Luckily, Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) demanded that a roll-call vote be held, meaning that the gun control amendment has been stalled one more day.

It is absolutely imperative that we overwhelm Congress with faxes today if we have any chance at stopping this latest gun control push!

Your Second Amendment rights are under attack! Tell Congress it MUST vote against the latest gun control amendment!

These gun control advocates couldn’t pass their agenda last year, so they have been quietly working behind the scenes to expand the background check system and increase the number of disqualifiers for gun ownership! The Obama administration instituted sweeping new regulations, altering the definition of mental illness to make it so that even more people are prohibited from owning firearms.

Instead of relying on the law’s term “mentally defective,” the Obama administration is interpreting the 1968 Gun Control Act differently, disqualifying anyone determined to be “unstable and irresponsible people.” Of course, these terms are highly subjective, meaning that individuals will be disarmed based on hearsay and opinion, not due process.

Now, if this gun control amendment is allowed to pass, the Obama administration will have the funds to expand the background check system and use your private medical and mental health records to determine whether you are allowed to exercise your Second Amendment rights!

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is supposed to protect your medical records and keep them private. With the stroke of a pen this past winter, Barack H. Obama signed an order to circumvent your HIPAA protections. But without Congressional approval, the administration can’t fund its gun control push. Without Congress, the administration doesn’t have the money to expand the background check system!

The gun control advocates already tried to push this funding through Congress late last night using a voice vote. That is when those Members of Congress present scream out Yea or Nay, and whichever side screams louder wins the vote. THAT is how the RINOs in Congress attempted to push this gun control through.

But, if a member demands a recorded vote, then the Chair has to comply. That is exactly what one Congressman did, however it was too late last night to record all the votes so they scheduled it for today.

It is absolutely imperative that you let your voice be heard and demand that Congress vote this amendment down!

Your Second Amendment rights are under attack! Tell Congress it MUST vote against the latest gun control amendment!

I am just as shocked and outraged at these horrible tragedies, I really am. However, if we are going to try to prevent them, we need to do it in a fashion that doesn’t punish law-abiding Americans for the actions of a deranged few. I want to stop insane people from buying guns just as much as the gun grabbers do; however, I refuse to infringe on individuals’ rights under the premise that the ends justify the means! Your medical records are private! What you say to your doctor is private! No constitutional violations are ever justifiable!

This new amendment was written by the same Congressmen who drafted last year’s failed gun control legislation. It is supported by the same gun control organizations that want nothing more than to disarm you and limit your ability to defend yourself, your family, and this country (if necessary).

There is a reason that the gun control forces are pushing this through as an amendment to a spending bill and not as its own piece of legislation… If this was a bill of its own, it would fail miserably. The gun control movement is counting on the fact that you will be too preoccupied to pay attention to it. But they are wrong!

We must put an end to this gun control amendment! If we don’t, Barack Obama will have the funding he needs to begin implementing his gun control agenda!

Your Second Amendment rights are under attack! Tell Congress it must vote against the latest gun control amendment!

Your Brother in Arms,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily