Title IX is a federal civil rights law that protects against sex-based discrimination in any school or educational program that receives funding from the government. The Biden Regime is now including “gender-identity” as part of the protections under Title IX.

Educational institutions will be prohibited from having gender specific bathrooms. Furthermore, failure to acknowledge gender identity will qualify as sexual harassment that can result in expulsion and even arrest. The revisions also call for a removal of due process in the instance someone is accused of a violation, allowing a single adjudicator to decide the outcome of an accusation.
Biden has strong-armed this agenda by threatening to remove funding, including lunch money for impoverished students, if an educational institution refuses to recognize gender identity. 
These changes follow in step with the new mandates coming from the military, demanding transgender service members be allowed to shower in the bathroom of their choice!
A 60 day window has now opened for any American to submit comments to Biden’s Department of Education. Everyone must voice their disgust before these new regulations can go into effect.
Submit a formal comment to the Department of Education through this link.