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It's a little known fact that, on March 15, 2020, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve reduced the reserve requirements for Banks to ZERO.

“As announced on March 15, 2020, the Board reduced reserve requirement ratios to zero percent effective March 26, 2020.  This action eliminated reserve requirements for all depository institutions.”

This means that, for the past three years, banks have been allowed to take every dollar deposited and risk all of it on any risk asset they choose.

Now three years later, the banks are failing. Almost as if by design. 

Now Bloomberg is reporting that US officials are exploring expanded FDIC coverage for ALL DEPOSITS, not just those $250,000 and under. This is being framed as a temporary measure, much like the March 15, 2020 announcement. As we are now learning, temporary measures can have big consequences. 

US officials are looking at ways to temporarily expand Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) coverage to all deposits, Bloomberg News reported. Officials within the US Treasury are "studying whether federal regulators have enough emergency authority to insure deposits above the current $250,000 cap on accounts without the consent of a deeply divided Congress." Bloomberg's report cited people familiar with the matter.

The Executive Branch is, again, looking at using emergency authorities to execute an end run around Congress. This is unconstitutional, but it 2023 doesn't appear that you all have read the Constitution, much less that you consider government limitations at all. 

You must stop the tyrannical behavior of the Biden Executive Branch. You are the check and balance on centralized power. Start acting like it. 

Remember your oath.