Dear Conservative,

The IRS Scandal shows just how far government will go to protect its own existence. When faced with the prospect of political defeat, Lois Lerner had her tax exempt division deliberately target and delay the applications of Conservative non-profit groups. The result was fewer Conservative groups being able to participate in the 2012 election and Barack Obama winning handedly.

The minute this news broke, we knew that this wasn't just the work of a few rogue agents in Cincinnati. This was a deliberate effort to stifle Conservative political speech and participation.

It turns out that last year, during the height of the IRS scandal, a whopping 10% of all Tea Party donors were audited. The IRS admits that it only audits 1% of all the people who file taxes, which means that if you support the Tea Party or Conservative candidates, you are ten-times more likely to be audited. This is outrageous!

Tell Congress to ABOLISH the IRS so it can never again be weaponized against Conservatives!

What happened with Lois Lerner and the Tax Exempt division of the Internal Revenue Service can never be allowed to happen again.

When these Conservative groups applied for tax exempt status, the corrupt bureaucrats led by Lois Lerner forced these organizations to turn over their donor lists. This never should have happened to begin with, but the IRS officials testified before Congress that those lists have since been destroyed. That was a lie.

When House Republicans compared the donor lists to the list of individuals who were audited by the IRS, they discovered that a disproportionately high percent of Conservative Tea Party donors were singled out for audit and additional scrutiny. How disproportionate? Well, if you donated to the Tea Party, the data suggests that you (as an individual) are 1000% more likely to be audited than the average American tax payer. This isn't a rounding mistake or within the statistical margin of error. This represents a concerted attempt to go after Conservative individuals!

The Left is already trying to dismiss this as an anomaly; however, the statistics do not lie. The Republicans aren't making this up, either. This statistic is straight from IRS documents released to the House Ways and Means Committee.

One person can't do this. One person alone cannot make it so that 10% of all Tea Party donors are suddenly audited. This was a concerted effort from like-minded individuals within the IRS. This is just one of the many symptoms of the widespread corruption and partisanship within the Internal Revenue Service.

How do we stop the IRS from doing this? We can't. IRS agents have way too much discretion in deciding who is audited, so as long as employees of the tax agency remain politically motivated, these attacks on Conservatives will continue. This isn't the first time that the IRS was weaponized, either. One of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon accused the President of using the IRS to go after his political opponents. As long as partisan IRS officials are given latitude in deciding which citizens and organizations to punish, the tax agency will continue to be used by political elites as a weapon.

The only way to ensure that the IRS is never again weaponized is to abolish it all together! For this reason alone, Congress must abolish the IRS and ensure that it is never used to target an administration's political opponents!

Tell Congress to ABOLISH the IRS so it can never again be weaponized against Conservatives!

The Internal Revenue Service is required by law to act without prejudice or concern for political affiliation in exercising its duties. It is supposed to be blind in how it processes political non-profit applications and it definitely isn't supposed to audit individuals based on their political contributions.

The United States of America was founded on the principles of free speech, freedom of religion, and the idea of personal privacy. Citizens should be free to exercise their political and religious beliefs without having to fear persecution by the Government.

As long as the IRS exists, that fear will remain. As long as individuals are forced to think twice before donating to a Conservative organization, the United States of America will never be free.

This is ultimately what it comes down to. We need to decide if we want to live in a country where individual speech and political participation are protected. Or would we rather live in a society where the IRS is weaponized and used against an administration's political opponents during an election year?

Albert Einstein famously said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. Every time the IRS is used as a political weapon, we assume that it can be fixed and reined in. We assume that this will be the last time the agency is weaponized by politicians to be used against their opponents. That is the definition of insanity! The events of the past year prove that the IRS itself has become incompatible with our laws, constitution, or founding principles. As long as the IRS is in existence, freedom will forever be just out of reach...

Tell Congress to ABOLISH the IRS so it can never again be weaponized against Conservatives!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily