Dear Fellow Conservative,

Stop working and get on welfare!

That move will make a lot of sense once liberals enact their mileage tax. It will be prohibitive for you (and perhaps your spouse, as well) to make that 30 or 40 mile commute to and from work each day.

You won’t be able to “afford” to work, so you can quit, lie back, and allow the government to dole out your income.

Obama’s government control is growing.

Driving is not an option for many of us. Kids need rides to and from school. They need to get to extracurricular activities. Maybe you elected to live in a quieter, more rural area, and you need to go into town frequently. Maybe your job requires you to log a whole bunch of miles every week.

Unless you are a city-dwelling sort who uses a bicycle to get around a condensed urban area, you are about to see your freedom to travel about this country infringed upon.

The government wants MORE, MORE MORE money, and it is coming to tax every mile you drive.

The Chicago Tribune reports that, “As America’s road planners struggle to find the cash to mend a crumbling highway system, many are beginning to see salvation in a little black box that fits neatly by the dashboard of your car.”

“The devices, which track every mile a motorist drives and transmit that information to bureaucrats, are at the center of a controversial attempt in Washington and state planning offices to overhaul the outdated system for funding America’s major roads.”

Say NO to a mileage tax! Voice your Opinion to Congress.

Not only will you be taxed for every mile you drive, you will be required to carry that little black box on your vehicle that tracks every move you make. This will be a dream come true for an increasingly intrusive federal government that wants to track, analyze, tax and control our every move.

The mileage tax isn’t something new, it’s been in the works for a while now. That is precisely why we need to speak up right now and shut it down, because this is a liberal idea lying dormant that is about to pop up and become a reality.

In March 2011, the Congressional Budget Office released a report saying a Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) program was a “practical option” for raising funds. The CBO helpfully suggested that devices could be put on cars that read mileage, and that information could be read electronically at gas stations.

This was before the NSA surveillance program was revealed, and before we learned of the very corrupt FBI and its harassment programs.

However, Americans have been under threat of license plate trackers, cell phone tracking, and other methods of surveillance without a warrant, and Obama has grown the powers of the federal government to unprecedented new levels.

When Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced a bill earlier this year (H.R. 6662) that would require the Treasury Department to tax cars for each mile they drive, we warned you about it and we sent faxes opposing it. Thankfully, it died in committee, but now liberals are bringing back the idea.

Tell Congress not to infringe upon your freedom! Fax them now!

A mileage tax is unfair, because it will weigh most heavily on the suburbs and rural communities. It’s robbing “the country to give to the city.”

It is wealth redistribution, in “sustainability” form.

Obama has pledged his allegiance to the United Nations program known as Agenda 21. Its goals are to get as many people as possible living in pods within urban areas, using public transportation, reducing their family size and saving the environment.

The mile tax actually fits Agenda 21’s ultimate goal, which is to limit the damage you are doing to the earth. They need everyone in urban areas, forced to use public transportation, and limited in ability to travel or use energy threatening to the planet.

Taxes on the fuel we buy is not enough to get us to give up our driving needs, and of course, car manufacturers can make vehicles smaller and smaller but that doesn’t mean a family of five or six is going to give in and purchase one, because it wouldn’t fit their needs.

The government needs to control your freedom another way. This is a win-win for them: they can restrict your freedom, advance their green agenda, collect more money from you and gain more surveillance control over you, all at the same time!

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The government just cannot help but want to take every single dollar out of our pocket. What is next? Will they tax the air we breathe, the steps we take, or the number of kids we have?  Did you read about places already taxing people based upon the amount of rain that falls on the square footage of your property roof line? Chilling!

The Liberals believe they know what is best for you. You don’t know what insurance you need and you really don’t WANT to be an urban dweller. You really need to be living in a small apartment and eschewing private transportation.

When we talk about Agenda 21, people call us conspiracy theorists.  Now we know. It is all part of a global Agenda 21 “green scheme" to redistribute your wealth, change your behavior, change how you live, and where you live! 

Tell Congress to vote NO on taxing by the mile!

The Heritage Foundation notes, “Of course, this is completely counter to the Administration’s push to get people in more fuel-efficient vehicles. A hybrid vehicle driving 20 miles would be taxed the same as an SUV driving 20 miles. Would this actually replace the federal and state gas taxes, or would it become an unnecessary additional revenue source for the government to fund transportation boondoggles? Eliminating wasteful spending from the federal highway program should be the Administration’s first priority, rather than finding different ways to tax Americans.”

What kind of a burden will a mileage tax be on you and your family? And how much more information are you willing for them to steal from you?

Our representatives never stop taxing and spending. It’s never enough for them, and We the People need to start standing up for individual freedom and accountability in government. The government is responsible for the road infrastructure but they spend our tax dollars on things that the government has no business doing!

…And no one calls them on it! Politicians, take notice: we will hold you accountable!

Not all of us live in a location where walking is an option…or cycling or even carpooling. For heaven sakes, some of us DRIVE for a living and we depend on others who drive to provide us services and deliver goods.

Do you think the magical cost of all that transportation is going to be absorbed by businesses? Who do you think is going to bear the ultimate cost of these “tax by the mile” devices? Your automobile manufacturer, the trucking company who moves goods, the retail outlet that sells them…none of these people can be “charitable” and eat the increased cost. You will. So not only will you pay on the backside in the form of a tax, you’ll pay with every purchase.

It is going to cost you and me both and literally, coming and going! This is a huge threat to our liberty.

States are strapped for cash. They’re desperate. And taxing every single mile you drive is looking like a good idea. California wants to implement this by 2025. Already, Oregon, Nevada, Illinois and the entire Eastern Seaboard have begun looking into it, and some cars already have those black boxes installed and are working on pilot programs.

Once again, the middle class will take the hit. The average hardworking American will pay the price for these bad ideas.

Do you want more surveillance and more taxes for our future?

Voice your opinion – Fax Congress.

Let our freedom ring!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily