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Is our Democracy, our Constitution and our American way of life at the end?  For months Conservative-Daily has been warning you that Homeland Security would soon begin monitoring US citizens from the skies; effectively dismantling our Constitution and destroying our civil liberties.

It has started.  Military style drones that hunt down and kill terrorists overseas with their Hellfire missiles and other dangerous payloads are now in US skies and are being used against US citizens on American soil.  Our democracy is at a cross roads with our Fourth Amendment rights being trampled underfoot as President Obama and Secretary Napolitano of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) create a cadre of secret police akin to the Gestapo of NAZI Germany and the KGB of Communist Russia.

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Last week, District Court Judge Joel Medd of North Dakota upheld the government’s use of drones in the arrest of a Rodney Brossart of Lakota, North Dakota.  This is proof that drones are in our skies and are illegally being used against citizens of the United States.  It gets worse; MUCH worse.

You are probably thinking that Mr. Brossart is a dangerous criminal; that the use of drones was only warranted because his criminal activities put American lives at risk.  Nope.  Rodney is rancher is North Dakota.  Six cows allegedly wandered onto his land which led to an unnecessary police stand off.  Homeland Security decided to involve themselves…because of six cows.  Take a moment and let the absurdity of that statement sink in.  Six cows necessitated Homeland Security?!  It would be funny if the Gestapo-esque tactics weren’t so frightening.  The Department of Homeland Security was created to fight terrorism inside the United States; now it seems that they are the ones in the terror business.  

Click HERE to Fax Congress in Support of S. 3287 and H.R. 6199; Together We Can End Unconstitutional Civilian Drone Surveillance Programs

The use of drones against an American not suspected of any terrorist activity means that Obama’s secret police force (DHS) has made a material and dangerous paradigm shift in their presumed responsibilities.  No longer are they seeking to protect citizens from terror; now they are using terror to protect the government from its citizens.   Just like Hitler.  Just like Stalin.  Just like North Korea.  We need your voice to stop them!

But it doesn’t end there; not only are drones dangerous tools in the hands of authoritative leaders like Obama and Napolitano, but they are also extremely susceptible to hijackers who, like DHS, could seek to use them to terrorize citizens.  According to Fox News, a team of scientists at the University of Texas successfully hijacked the controls of a military drone and used it as a missile.  According to the scientists involved, with the right equipment, anyone (including terrorists) can “spoof” a GPS receiver and take control of a military drone.  These spoofs take over navigation computers and feed them with false information that looks real.  This allows the drone to be seamlessly hijacked and used for whatever nefarious purposes the hijacker has in mind; and the navigation computer controlling the drone has no idea anything is amiss.

Here is the most frightening aspect of all: the most advanced spoof only costs about $1,000 easily within the price range of malignant terrorist entities inside the United States!!

So not only is DHS using dangerous weapons of war against United States citizens, but they are also ignoring warnings from scientists and are accepting the very real threat that terrorists could hijack drones and use them as weapons.  This PROVES that Obama and Napolitano have no interests in protecting American citizens; they want to keep us in line and will put our lives at risk to protect their seats of power.  We must stop them IMMEDIATELY!!

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Thankfully, all is not lost.  In the US Senate and the US House of Representatives, legislation is being considered that would make drone use against Americans illegal except in the most extreme of situations.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced a bill into the US Senate which would require that the government get a judge issued warrant before these beasts of war can be unleashed on US citizens.

The bill, S.3287, is entitled ‘‘Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2012”.  The legislation would require that a judge issued warrant, except in the case of imminent danger to human life must precede any use of domestic drones.  The drones may also be used for patrolling US borders.

The Unwarranted Surveillance Act will also turn any evidence that is garnered using drones, without a proper warrant, into fruit from the poisonous tree; that is, it cannot be used as evidence to that specific crime in a court of law.  Further, victims of unwarranted, “peeping Tom” domestic drone espionage will be able to sue state and Federal governments in court!

Click HERE to Fax Congress in Support of S. 3287 and H.R. 6199; Together We Can End Unconstitutional Civilian Drone Surveillance Programs

In the House of Representatives, Rep, Ted Poe (R-TX) introduced a bill substantially similar to S. 3287.  His bill, H.R. 6199, entitled the “Preserving American Privacy Act of 2012” would severely limit drone use in the United States.  In speaking about his proposed legislation, Rep. Poe rhetorically questioned drone use, asking “Who will operate these drones, and what will be their mission?” he wondered. “Could it be a suspicious government agent who thinks someone looks kind of funny? The EPA bureaucrat to monitor somebody’s farm and watch Bessie the cow graze in the pasture? Or a nosy neighbor who wants to make sure someone’s shutters are pretty and the flowers don’t violate the homeowners’ association rules? Or could it be a legitimate and lawful and legal purpose of drones that doesn’t violate the right of privacy?”

Rep. Poe went on to state “The Fourth Amendment limits government intrusion into our lives…The Constitution limits eavesdropping, snooping, and spying on American citizens. While there are some legitimate uses for drones domestically, such as monitoring forest fires and floods and hurricanes, tracking an escaped bank robber, and other enforcement uses, it is up to Congress to limit their use so that the Fourth Amendment and the right of privacy are protected.”  Finally a voice of reason in all of this madness!!

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Time has effectively run out to prevent drone usage in the United States; as demonstrated in this article, they are already in use.  That being said, we are NOT powerless!  We can stop this insanity if we make our voices heard.  Sen. Paul and Rep. Poe need our support today!  They are on the front lines, putting their political careers on the line to protect OUR rights.  We MUST support them.  Fax Congress today and demand passage of both S. 3287 and H.R. 6199!  Let’s force President Obama to sign legislation that would undercut his secret police force and bring civil liberties back to the United States.

The beginning is over and the end of our democracy is at the door.  You must decide if you are going to passively let the government strip you of your rights or are you going to stand up and make your voice heard?!?  The echoes of your decision will reverberate throughout the halls of Congress as we march toward a very dangerous future.

Click HERE to Fax Congress in Support of S. 3287 and H.R. 6199; Together We Can End Unconstitutional Civilian Drone Surveillance Programs


Tony Adkins