National Mall Closed, Unless you are an Illegal Immigrant!

Dear Conservative Friend,

President Obama is doing all within his power to literally SHUT DOWN every National Park Service memorial while the supposed “government shutdown” is happening; regardless of the cost to you or me, or the American taxpayers.

But here is the extra “rub” in all this chaotic mayhem in Washington, D.C. ---

In spite of the National Mall being closed by the National Park Service and the Obama administration, arrangements were made for the National Mall to be open for Immigration protestors!

Please fax Congress today and let them know how wrong it is for this President to ignore our fallen heroes while rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens!

The signs at the National Mall read: NATIONAL MALL CLOSED!

But the immigration protestor rally went ahead as scheduled this past Tuesday. And the administration claimed it wasn’t just a minor “oversight” by the Obama administration?!!

Really? Another lie!

A huge stage was set up, including electricity for many lights that were used.  Even over 100 porta-potties were set up for the protestors.  There was sound, lights, and action. 

Yet President Obama earlier took a lot of “heat” for closing down the WW II Memorial to groups of elderly veterans. Obama clearly feels he has no moral obligation to American veterans to honor their fallen fellow heroes!

However, organizers of the immigration protest rally were permitted to proceed because of their supposed “FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS”---even though the park was officially closed!

Let’s get this straight:  the National Park Service posts barriers to stop Americans from visiting open-air memorials (many veterans groups were turned away; even Mount Rushmore was closed).  Yet, Immigration PROTESTORS are allowed, and even escorted by some members of Congress, on the National Mall.  How does that seem fair?  IT DOES NOT!  IT IS NOT FAIR AND IS YET MORE INTIMIDATION FROM THE ADMINISTRATION AND THIS PRESIDENT!

Shannon Maurer is a spokeswoman for the “March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect.” She boasted: “They’re going to be allowed to go (ahead) because it is a First Amendment activity.”

CASA in Action is the organizer of the rally.  Their spokeswoman, Susana Flores, revealed: “They (Obama and the National Park Service) allowed us to have it because it is part of the First Amendment of the Constitution.”

HOWEVER, this is a definitive FACT showing that allies of the Obama administration are receiving very, very special treatment!

The Obama administration is sending mixed signals to the American people:

  1. Elderly veterans will be barricaded out of their memorials!

  2. Yet illegal immigrants will be permitted to protest on the National Mall, receiving preferential treatment!

This is not right.  This is not RIGHT!  This is totally unfair! And let’s notify Congress about this injustice to our American heroes!

Please fax Congress today and let them know how wrong it is for the president to give PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT to his allies (protestors, at that!), and yet try to close out veterans from visiting their own memorial!

Here is what actually happened at this illegal immigration protest rally on the National Mall last Tuesday:

8 House Democrats were arrested at the Immigration protest!

That’s correct. 

Eight Democratic Members of Congress teamed up with these immigration activists (even though they were fully supported by President Obama) and they were arrested by Capitol Police.  The protest rally spilled over from the CLOSED National Mall into the streets, blocking traffic, which really caused their arrests. The members of Congress, within full sight of the Capitol, walked to the west lawn of the Capitol and surrounded a tour bus, blocking traffic in the street.

The crowd cheered as these eight Members of Congress were led away by Capitol Police.

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More than 200 protestors were arrested at the CLOSED rally.

Here are the eight Democratic Congressmen who were arrested:  Representatives John Lewis (GA), Charlie Rangel (NY), Luis Gutierrez (IL), Joe Crowley (NY), Jan Schakowsky (IL), Al Green (TX), Keith Ellison (MN), and Raul Grijalva (AZ). 

What a disgrace; not necessarily because of their supposed “cause” but because they showed tremendous disrespect for the veterans who were not allowed to visit memorials!

Other Representatives, both Democrat and Republican, appeared at the rally, but were not arrested, as they left the rally and did not block any traffic in the street. Earlier in the day, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) spoke at the rally which emphasized that “the time is now” for immigration change…even in a closed National Mall!

Rep. Luis Gutierrez urged: “We must turn up the volume even more! Since the election last November, the United States has deported another 400,000 people. We know the enormous toll it takes on our families, our neighborhoods and our peace of mind.  Our communities and our families do not have the luxury to rest or relax.  One thousand, one hundred people will be deported today; 1,100 will be deported tomorrow, and the next day.” 

In reality, those large figures are not substantiated!

Gutierrez was also arrested in 2011 as he protested deportation at the White House.

This makes the fifth time that Rep. John Lewis, a Democrat representing the Atlanta, Georgia area, has been arrested as a Congressman. Would we still have our jobs if we were arrested 5 times?!


In spite of the government shutdown and a looming debt ceiling crisis within hours, it seems rather absurd for Congressmen to be arrested at a closed National Mall while taking time off work to assist protestors for illegal immigration. 

One can appreciate their personal passion, but don’t these Congressmen have much more important things to do, like get the government back up and running?!

Please fax Congress today and let them know how wrong it is for the president to give PREFERENTIAL TREATMENT to his allies (protestors, at that!), and yet try to close out veterans from visiting their own memorial!

In other words, it’s okay for the National Mall or national parks to be used by Obama protestors, but NOT by elderly American WW II heroes!  This is an outright true travesty of supposed “justice.”  But, what’s new with the Obama administration in that regard?

Writer Matthew Vadum reminds us that the Obama administration strategy reflects his true “community organizing.”  He wrote: “Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky taught that the community organizer’s first job is ‘community disorganization’ by which he meant the manufacture of crises designed to inflame the community.

The organizer must ‘create the issues or problems.’ He must ‘rub raw the resentments of the people of the community’ and then direct its rage at specific targets and scapegoats, providing ‘a channel into which the people can angrily pour their frustrations.’”

True to form, President Obama is not letting a true crisis go to waste!

While America is in the middle of turmoil of a government shutdown and a debt ceiling crisis, he opens up the National Mall for HIS protestors to be aligned together in a well-planned rally---illegal, due to the government shutdown!

It is an outright disgrace to those veterans who valiantly served in our military!

Our federal government must be put on notice about our respect for veterans. Please fax your Congress today!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily