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Explosive revelations this week reveal that the U.S. Department of Defense has been running the Covid response, including the vaccination program, and that most of what we have experienced over the past three years has been a show. 

While Americans speculated over virus origins and vaccine mandates, the DOD was running a war effort. While Americans were told that the vaccines were safe and effective, the vaccine manufacturers – who were reporting to the DOD – knew they were not. No wonder Pfizer wanted to suppress the trial data for 75 years. 

Vaccine manufacturers are shielded from liability, a gift provided by politicians. Because of that, we have to hold the politicians accountable. That’s you. 

As the new House Committees get underway, the American People demand answers. 

  • Where and when did the virus originate? What role did the U.S. Departner of Defense Play?

  • Why did establishment politicians – like Nancy Pelosi and Chinatown – downplay the virus and encourage super spreading behavior in the early days of the pandemic? Did the DOD direct this?

  • Why did the DOD under prioritize the rights of Americans over the perceived rights of the pharmaceutical industry?

  • How many lives lost was the DOD shooting for; what death threshold did the DOD set for Americans?

  • Why are we just learning about this now?

Get on the right side of history, and hold people responsible for this vaccine genocide.