Tina Peters - AMERICA IS ON TRIAL Live Speaker Panel

Tina Peters - AMERICA IS ON TRIAL Live Speaker Panel

Tina Peters - AMERICA IS ON TRIAL Live Speaker Panel
Live at 8pm EST
March 1st 2023
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The Kangaroo Court trial against former Clerk Tina Peters is scheduled to convene March 1st and 2nd in Grand Junction, Colorado -- HOWEVER, this is really a Kangaroo Court trial against AMERICA.
Although Clerk Peters performed stellar as the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder from 2018-2021, that didn't matter to CO SOS Jena Griswold. WHY? Because once she and US Attorney General Merrick Garland learned that Clerk Peters had made the required backup copy of the Election Management Server software prior to a scheduled Dominion Systems software 'Upgrade' titled "The Trusted Build", THEY FREAKED OUT.
WHY DID THEY FREAK OUT? The election record wiping illegal "Trusted Build" was proven to actually delete all election records required to be retained for 25 months, and additionally Garland/Griswold surely realized how Clerk Peters's 'before and after' database comparison could also expose how Election-Day software is capable of creating a Second Database (like a second set of books), therefore making all Election Certifications suspect. All details of this are available in Report #3 at: https://www.tinapetersforcolorado.com/election-reports
Among other startling discoveries, this previously mentioned "Second Set of Books" is a highly suspect method revealing how our elections are likely compromised if only the votes 'they' want to report in the secondary database are reported, resulting in Selections of desired Candidates, NOT the Elected Candidates chosen by 'We The People'.
This brings us to where we are today, whereby 'they' have brought the full force of the Weaponization of Government to bear against Clerk Peters with bogus charges, in order to deflect from their hidden agenda of having illegal uncertified software available for secret voting use at 'their' whim.
For the whole story, please watch the 1 hour documentary www.SelectionCode.com, which by the way, Clerk Peters nor anyone has made a cent from.
Yes, Clerk Peters is unfortunately facing her Kangaroo Court Trial on March 1st on behalf of ALL AMERICA for exposing the previously mentioned secret Election Fraud foisted upon the American People.
This is why AMERICA is REALLY the one on Trial March 1st & 2nd, with the weight of that trial squarely on Clerk Peter's shoulders. Clerk Peters MUST WIN this trial on behalf of ALL AMERICA.
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