Live with Canncon! BRAZEN Voter Fraud in CO Primary: Machines Flip Lynda Zamora Wilson's Win to RINO

Live with Canncon! BRAZEN Voter Fraud in CO Primary: Machines Flip Lynda Zamora Wilson's Win to RINO

Lynda Zamora Wilson, Ret. US Air Force Officer, ran for Colorado Senate District 9 in the primary a few weeks ago. at 8 pm MT Lynda had nearly twice as many votes as incumbent Paul Ledeen. By 9 pm Fox called the race for Wilson with 79.51 percent of the vote! A clear victory! Suddenly, the machines flipped the votes back an hour with Wilson now tailing by the same count as she had been leading an hour before.
Cannon, a true patriot and tireless election integrity fighter, joins us tonight to break down the theft that occurred on the same night Tina Peters watched her race stolen as well. Jeff O'Donnell, and Lynda Zamora Wilson join us tonight as well!
All is not well in Colorado, and you can bet that means the same for the rest of the country.

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