David Clements Live: National Day of Repentance - Independence Day July 4, 2024 PT.2 | 28 June 2024 6PM EST

David Clements Live: National Day of Repentance - Independence Day July 4, 2024 PT.2 | 28 June 2024 6PM EST

This Independence Day, All 50 States, Washington D.C. and all U.S. Territories will have representation from national prayer groups, patriots, and the Body of Christ to Proclaim July 4th, a Day of National Repentance.

We will welcome our King Jesus Christ, and issue a Notice of Eviction to the demonic rulers and authorities taking up residence in the nation's capitol, and state capitols.

This interview seeks to describe the efforts of the 24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call's labor of love for our country, both in their unceasing intercessory prayer for the United States since November 2016, as well as their ministry to evict demonic rulers and authorities over twenty year period.

All materials including schedules, proclamations by state, and a historical explanation of the 24/7 Prayer Team's ministry are found here:






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