Biden Declares YOU Are The Enemy!

Biden Declares YOU Are The Enemy!

Officials in Fulton County, Georgia now say they cannot find the chain of custody documentation for 18,901 absentee ballots that were collected from 35 drop boxes during the 2020 election. Since Biden and the Democrats won this county with 72% of the vote, these unverifiable ballots likely make up 100% of Biden's margin of victory and they likely forced the Senate runoff by keeping Sonny Perdue just under 50%. If these ballots had been tossed, as they should have been, Biden would not have won Georgia and there would have been at least one Republican Senator from the state, keeping the Senate in GOP hands.

Stop the Fraud! Join today's FaxBlast and FORCE a full audit of Georgia and the other suspect battleground states before the Left can cover it up and destroy the evidence!

The Phone Lines should be fixed 🤞! Call in at 888-441-1121 and join the conversation!

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