CBDCs Are Coming to the US: Congress Must NOT Consider CBDCs “Legal Tender” - Stop the Surveillance State
The proposals and push to introduce Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) into our nation's financial sphere have been relatively quiet, and for good reason. CBDCs are seen as another tool for the government to increase its power and essentially install a surveillance state. Fortunately, there are some rational members of Congress who have put forth multiple bills aiming to bar the use of CBDCs. These bills are being proposed in individual states, with some also brought to the floor of the DC Congress. It is imperative that every state and all of Congress push back against the use of CBDCs and prevent the establishment of a surveillance state. We, the people, want the possibility of a CBDC being established completely squashed. We demand that no CBDC is established in the United States.
One of the pressing and sneaky tyrannical maneuvers they have been keeping under wraps and out of the media spotlight is CBDCs. "Central bank money" refers to money that is a liability of the central bank. In the United States, there are currently two types of central bank money: physical currency issued by the Federal Reserve and digital balances held by commercial banks at the Federal Reserve.
It is claimed that CBDCs would counteract financial shocks and help stabilize aggregate demand and inflation. However, a significant problem arises – CBDCs are easily controlled. Just imagine a targeted hacking attack on an economy entirely reliant on digital currency. Picture your government surveilling every transaction you make or even weaponizing their digital currency against you.
Fortunately, some lawmakers in South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Utah have introduced anti-CBDC bills that would prevent the use of CBDC tokens in those specific states.
For instance, Rep. Tyler Clancy in the Utah Senate introduced a bill on Jan 4 that aims to block the use of CBDC in the state, removing it from the definition of legal tender. In Tennessee, Sen. Frank Niceley filed a bill in the state senate on Jan 12, explicitly stating that the definition of money does not include central bank digital currencies. South Carolina and South Dakota have also followed suit by introducing bills that would remove CBDC from the definition of legal tender, thereby barring its use in their states.
So, why is this important?
If our elected officials follow suit with similar bills to those in South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Utah, effectively removing CBDC from the definition of legal tender, then the use of CBDCs would be prevented nationwide.
The bills above are examples of acts that would prevent the establishment of CBDCs because they all explicitly state that CBDCs cannot and will not be considered legal tender. Unfortunately, the only bill that has hit our Congress in regards to CBDCs still allows for CBDCs to be considered legal tender, and therefore could allow for the establishment of CBDCs with Congress’s approval.
This week, Congress is considering the Central Bank Digital Currency Anti-Surveillance State Act, introduced by House Majority Whip Tom Emmer. This bill seeks to prohibit "intermediated CBDCs" – CBDCs issued by the Fed but managed by financial intermediaries such as retail banks, a strategy similar to that employed by China for its digital yuan. Here's the kicker: the bill would still allow for CBDCs and it still allows for the possibility of considering CBDCs legal tender, if Congress votes for the implementation of CBDCs. So in reality, this bill does nothing at all; CBDCs can still be established as a currency, therefore increasing the surveillance powers of our government.
The people of the United States will not accept the use of CBDCs, and we demand that our elected officials work to ensure that this tool of tyranny is banned. CBDCs are not the solution to inflation; they are a tool to destroy our nation, pushing it toward collapse. They will enable the formation of a surveillance state – nothing more than a CCP-style surveillance tool that would undermine the American way of life. Congress must ensure that the definition of legal tender does not include CBDCs. We will not accept a bill that does not guarantee CBDCs being banned from use in our country. The Central Bank Digital Currency Anti-Surveillance State Act does not help the people unless it ensures that CBDCs of any kind will not be considered legal tender in our country, and therefore will not be used in any capacity. We must put a stop to CBDCs; we must say no to their use! We must stop the Surveillance State! We must fight and take a stand!