The Invasion is Reaching a Tipping Point: Congress MUST Close the Border! Stop Destroying the USA
Biden's incompetence worsens by the day, especially concerning the crisis at our border. We now know, from multiple reports, that our government is STILL, unsurprisingly, actively facilitating the invasion of our nation. What is Congress doing about it? Well, nothing, of course, as there seems to be no current reason to use our national security as a bargaining chip, especially considering they passed their $95 BILLION “Foreign Aid Bill” with no problems. But the people have not forgotten, and we will NOT stop fighting for our nation. Congress will hear our voices and know that we, the people, categorically DEMAND they pass H.R.2 (The Secure the Border Act) and prioritize America First!
For the past three years, we, the people, have been no stranger to Biden's incompetence and negligence towards our southern border. He has allowed over 8 million illegal crossings, 531,000 missing children, millions (closer to a billion) of dollars worth of illegal drugs, human trafficking, violent crime, and chaos to pour into our country without a second thought.
In March, it was revealed that the Biden administration was flying illegal immigrants into the country and dumping them in 46 “sanctuary cities.” When asked about this, Biden stated that he was incapable of just “shutting down the border,” yet he has the full authority to keep it open? Somehow it gets worse; on Easter Sunday, over 1,000 getaway illegals slipped through the cracks of the southern border. Shamefully, a Democratic Massachusetts Governor plans to house illegals at a former veterans' shelter. The Governor of Montana has reported that the Mexican cartel has infiltrated his state and caused an exponential increase in crime, and a federal judge has ruled that illegals can carry guns. Believe it or not, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
In addition, it has been reported that NGOs along with USAID, using tax dollars to traffic children form Guatemala, into the United States via the open border. Bidens open border policy is allowing for the enslavement of CHILDREN, and sending said children into the United States to face unimaginable horrors. This is a crisis that MUST be addressed, our border MUST be closed.  
What worse is the recent passage of several different bills that do not benefit the american people in any way, yet use our taxpayer dollars to fund them, like for example sending $95 billion dollars of taxpayer money to foreign countries, or the tiktok ban, which will actually give Biden the power to determine who and what qualifies as a foreign adversary and therefore silence that entity, or the reauthorization of FISA. We the people are paying for our own demise, and it must END! We want our tax dollars to represent us, we want a wall at the southern border! We want national security!
Let us make this clear to Congress. Continuing to keep the southern border open is treason. You are failing to uphold your oath to the Constitution as you are putting our nation's security at risk and allowing for a standing army to enter into our country. The people of the United States have had enough; Congress MUST close the border! Our representatives must put America first and secure our borders. They are employed by the people of the United States; they must WORK for us. Pass a national security bill, pass H.R.2, and secure our damn border!