Our Nation is Being Destroyed: We Haven't Forgotten About The Border - Pass H.R.2 NOW
The invasion at the border has become increasingly alarming with each passing day. Why must we, the people, tolerate millions of illegal immigrants streaming across the border, using our tax dollars to support their lives, and depleting our resources? We are aware that millions of people from various regions such as Latin America, China, and the Middle East, some of whom pose significant dangers, have crossed our borders, yet our government remains indifferent. The crisis at our southern border is one of the most urgent challenges our nation faces, and Congress must take action immediately. We, the people, refuse to be diverted from this issue, and we will not cease our fight for our nation. Congress will hear our voices and understand that we unequivocally demand the passage of H.R.2, also known as The Secure the Border Act, and the prioritization of America First!
For the past three years, we, the people, have witnessed firsthand Biden's incompetence and neglect regarding our southern border. He has allowed over 10 million illegal crossings, 531,000 missing children, millions (nearing a billion) of dollars' worth of illegal drugs, human trafficking, violent crime, and chaos to infiltrate our country without a second thought.
Back in March, it was disclosed that the Biden administration was transporting illegal immigrants into the country and dispersing them across 46 "sanctuary cities." When questioned about this, Biden claimed incapacity to simply "shut down the border," yet he possesses the full authority to keep it open?
What is even more troubling is the recent revelation in April and May that NGOs in Guatemala are facilitating human trafficking into the United States via the open border, an action that our tax dollars are paying for. 
Last week, Biden announced an executive order to limit the ability of illegal immigrants to claim asylum at the southern border. Of course, and unsurprisingly, it was insufficient and has yet to have an impact on border numbers, however, it has sparked liberal anger, drawing condemnation from some Democratic lawmakers and an immediate lawsuit threat from civil rights groups. In response to this liberal rage, Biden is taking it upon himself to advocate for a border reform bill that would allow easy citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants, essentially solving nothing. 
What's worse, several bills have been passed that do not benefit the American people in any way but utilize our taxpayer dollars to fund them. Examples include sending $95 billion of taxpayer money to foreign countries, the TikTok ban granting Biden the power to determine foreign adversaries and silence them, and the reauthorization of FISA. We, the people, are financing our own downfall, and it must cease! We demand that our tax dollars represent us; we demand a wall at the southern border! We demand national security!
Let us make this unequivocally clear to Congress. Continuing to keep the southern border open is treason. By failing to uphold your oath to the Constitution, you are jeopardizing our nation's security and allowing a potential army to enter our country. The people of the United States have reached their limit; Congress MUST close the border! Our representatives must prioritize America and secure our borders. They are employed by the people of the United States; they must work for us. Pass a national security bill, pass H.R.2, and secure our damn border!