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Yesterday afternoon, a Federal judge in San Francisco blocked President Trump’s sanctuary city executive order. Just weeks after entering office, President Trump signed an executive order tasking his cabinet – specifically Attorney General Jeff Sessions – with figuring out how to legally and constitutionally withhold federal funding from cities and states that refuse to cooperate […]

I never thought I would see this. I never thought I would see the GOP establishment stoop so low as to actually team up with Democrats to prevent the border from being secured. But that is exactly what happened. President Trump told Congress that he would veto any budget bill that reached his desk without […]

Just days after taking the oath of office, President Trump signed an executive order instructing the Department of Justice to begin devising ways to defund sanctuary cities. Democrats and Liberals are terrified because the Trump administration has finally figured out how to do this. Attorney General Jeff Sessions just delivered a letter to sanctuary cities […]

New evidence has come to light proving that the Obama administration and Democratic Party interfered to save Hillary Clinton from prosecution. The New York Times reported today that last summer, while investigating the hack of the Democratic Party’s emails, the FBI uncovered a “memo.” In this memo, a “Democratic operative” is reassuring recipients that Hillary […]

Fellow Conservative, This week, the Supreme Court made a major Second Amendment decision. The Court decided NOT to hear Stephens v Jerejian, a New Jersey case challenging the state’s concealed carry ban. This is a major setback. If you go to the Supreme Court’s website, you can see how it was denied. “Rehearing DENIED. Justice […]

Fellow Conservative, Last week, President Trump fulfilled another campaign promise. He cut off funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNPF). Back in January, Trump signed an executive order reinstating the “Mexico City Policy.” This prohibited US funds from going to international organizations that provide abortions, such as the UNPF. He is making good on […]