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I am sending you this because it is very important. Every mainstream media outlet is covering the Minnesota riots right now. When they aren't covering the riots, they are spreading more misinformation about the coronavirus. Whenever the media focuses exclusively on one topic like this, we always look to see what Establishment Republicans and Democrats […]

It is absolutely 100% accurate to say that voting by mail increases the likelihood of voter fraud more than voting in person. The same day that Pres. Trump warned about mail-in-voter fraud (which Twitter promptly "fact-checked"), we learned that a postal worker in West Virginia had been charged with committing mail-in voter application fraud. He […]

Already today, I am seeing a lot of people on social media using the phrase “Happy Memorial Day.” I always have mixed feelings about this phrase. Memorial Day is a holiday to remember the fallen, the men and women who gave their lives so that our 243 year old experiment with representative democracy could survive. […]