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Fellow Conservative, One of the provisions that the House of Representatives will be voting on today is the full defunding of planned parenthood. Next month is tax day. If this provision passes, this will be the first year in decades that your tax dollars will not be used to fund this butcher shop. Over the […]

We have known for weeks that Obama spied on Donald Trump during the campaign and transition period. We hypothesized a few possibilities – that Obama used the FISA courts or got help from a foreign ally. We got an absolute bombshell yesterday. House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) made the announcement that he has discovered […]

Historically, Congress’ approval ratings have always been near the bottom. Ask anyone what they’d like to do to Congress and you’ll get colorful answers. At the signing ceremony for NASA’s budget, Texas Senator Ted Cruz gave the most colorful suggestion of all when President Trump asked those in attendance if they’d be willing to go […]

Today, Congress is holding hearings on both Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and the Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. If either of these hearings produces breaking news, we will bring it to you. Right now, however, we want to focus on illegal immigration, Trump’s wall, and Barack Obama’s amnesty programs. President Trump’s Chief Strategist […]

Earlier this year, we had one of our largest victories. We teamed up with patriots like you and pressured Congress to remove an obscure Obama-era Social Security regulation that would have disarmed hundreds of thousands of disabled and elderly Americans if implemented. Thanks to your activism, an obscure regulation was brought to the forefront and […]

On Thursday, Congress began considering legislation that would dismantle the liberal 9th Circuit Court. The United States is broken up into 11 Circuits. Each Circuit typically presides over 5%-10% of the American population. The 9th Circuit Court, however, encompasses 9 states and two territories. When the 9th Circuit was created in 1891, it included six […]

Obama holdover officials in the State Department are continuing to block Congress’ attempts to obtain Hillary Clinton’s emails and records. As you know, the FBI recovered thousands of emails recovered off of Hillary Clinton’s email server. These were emails that Clinton’s staffers tried desperately to destroy from the public record. Some of them have been […]

Judge Derrick Watson is a US District Judge in Hawaii. Last night, he issued a temporary nationwide restraining order against President Trump’s Executive Order 13780. This executive order revised the President’s previous Middle Eastern refugee and travel moratorium. It removed any mention of religion, decreased the percentage of the world’s Muslim population affected by the ban, […]