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After years of fighting, the time has finally arrived. A handful of Congressmen have forced GOP leadership to schedule votes on both Kate's Law and legislation to defund sanctuary cities. Finally, Conservative members of Congress are forcing the establishment to move forward with passing the President's immigration agenda. Paul Ryan announced this morning that the […]

While the Fake News media tried desperately to spin the James Comey hearings to fit their narrative, the Former FBI director admitted to something absolutely criminal: The Obama administration intervened on behalf of the Clinton campaign and tried to influence the FBI investigation into her email server. Not only did Comey admit that former-Attorney General […]

Trump has been "investigated" for months. Even now, the only crimes that we have evidence of are (1) the illegal leaks and (2) the fact that Trump associates were illegally "unmasked" in intelligence reports. Here in the United States, the Federal government needs a warrant before they can spy on an American. However, there is […]