Today’s White House Press Briefing was fiery, and KJP appeared to lose her patience several times, with respect to one hilarious Biden Senior Moment that received questions from the majority of reporters. More on that in a second. 

To follow up from yesterday’s hot question, Biden and DeSantis have now spoken. Reporters wondering what changed were told, “There’s no politics in this. This is about two people that wanted to have a conversation.” 

Nord Steam Sabotage and International Finger Pointing
The most serious topic that KJP would address was about the alleged sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline.

“So, we have been in touch with our European partners there about the apparent sabotage of the pipelines. We are supporting European efforts to investigate this…it’s still under investigation. As you all know, these pipelines were pumping gas into Europe – or not, pardon me, not pumping gas into Europe at this time. Nord Stream Two was never operational and NS one has been shut down for weeks because of how Russia is, uh, weaponizing energy.”

These talking points come as some in the region are alleging US involvement, with Russia telling the EU to treat the US as a suspect in the sabotage of the pipelines. 

Discussed on Wednesday morning’s Conservative Daily Podcast, these allegations stem from Biden’s comments in February, prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that, “Should Russia invade…there would be, no longer, a Nord Stream Two. We would put an end to it.”

When pressed on Biden’s remarks and the allegations, KJP deflected, stating, “So, the president said that NS2 wouldn’t become operational, and we would work with Germany on that. And he was right, because Germany took the step in February to freeze it, which was widely reported by all of you.”

Of the Ukraine Referendum elections, KJP stated (very clearly) that, “THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT FALSIFIED THE RESULTS,” and that the elections had, “PREDETERMINED OUTCOMES.” 

What an election denier! 

Where’s Jackie? She’s Top of Mind…
The most frequently asked line of questioning, and the most explosive, was about Biden’s gaffe-heard-round-the-world during Wednesday’s White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health.

“Jackie, are you here? Where's Jackie,” Biden said, looking around the room. “She was going to be here…She must not be here.” 

Biden was looking for Jackie Walorski who was not, in fact, in attendance. That’s because she and two staffers died in a car accident on August 3 in Indiana. Walorski co-sponsored the bill to fund the Hunger, Nutrition, and Health Conference which, according to KJP, put her “top of mind” for Biden. 

“She was top of mind. He knows he is going to see her family on Friday.”

To their credit, that was not sufficient for reporters. The first reporter to get that answer asked why a deceased Congresswoman being “top of mind” would lead him to look around for her at an event of the living. KJP responded, “I don’t think it’s all that unusual.” 

Towards the end of the presser, after the question had been asked half a dozen times by as many reporters, the press conference devolved. 

A female reporter can be heard shouting, “This is a serious question. These moments of confusion are happening with frequency. Americans are watching this…This is a legitimate question, we need to have some answers.” The reporter was admonished for speaking out of turn.

Another reporter said, “I have John Lennon top of mind pretty much every day, but I am not looking around for him." 

KJP responded, “When you sign a bill for John Lennon as President then we can have this conversation.”

The press secretary refused to provide any answer other than that she was top of mind, and that it wasn’t unusual for Biden to completely disregard her death and call out for her at the event. To boot, she seemed satisfied with herself. 

Policy in Action
Other notable moments from the barrier-breaking press secretary were overshadowed by the absence of Jackie from the presence of the President – though, of course, not from the top of his demented old mind – but still deserve some exposure.

When asked why Biden was going to a political fundraiser tonight instead of focusing on the storm: “He has been steadfast…He signed the declaration for Florida, even before landfall…This isn’t the first extreme weather event that we’ve had to deal with.”

When asked about a North Korean missile test during Vice President Harris’ visit to the region: "These kinds of tests are not unusual. North Korea can speak for itself.”

When asked if the NS2 sabotage was an attack on a NATO ally that would warrant US response: “We want to see where the investigation goes.”

Oh, also, Janet Yellen is leaving the administration at the end of the year. And that’s great news for everyone.