Dear Patriot,

Joe Biden is now placing the blame for surging gas prices on American fuel companies. A week ago it was Russia’s fault. Biden’s blatant lies are obvious, yet he keeps peddling them to the American public as our country enters a severe economic recession.
Our energy infrastructure and independence have suffered a series of blows from the Biden Regime. It is now undeniable that our own government is intentionally crippling our economy and domestic resources.
Joe Biden recently authorized significant releases from our strategic petroleum reserves. In fact, so much fuel has been drained from the stockpile, that our reserves are at their lowest levels in decades. The current drawdown in the strategic reserves is the largest ever authorized by a US President..
The strategic oil reserves are designed to serve as an emergency blanket in the event of global instability. Biden’s actions pose a direct national security risk as he drains these supplies. At the current rate, the United States has less than 60 days of fuel stored, all while Biden has blocked producers from restoring the supply with his radical, green agendas.
Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, denied permits on dozens of gas and oilfield leases, and brought offshore drilling projects to a halt. Biden’s EPA just made a move to shut down the largest producer of gasoline in the United States. If the agency is successful, 40% of current production will disappear and gas prices will hit double digits.
America is heading towards a severe economic and national security crisis as a result of this engineered collapse of our energy sector. Biden’s actions have put Americans last, while promoting the interests of foreign adversaries intent on accelerating American decline.
With Courage,
Joe Oltmann