The Biden Crime Family 
The public now has access to the contents of the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell and have become aware that there is not just one but up to 3 laptops with compromising data stored on them, one of which was stolen by foreigners and therefore puts him at the mercy of whoever possesses the laptop capable of using blackmail creating a serious threat to the nations national security.
In addition, Senator Chuck Grassley said the Burisma executive who allegedly paid Joe Biden a bribe has kept 17 audio recordings of phone calls as an 'insurance policy", coupled with new disclosures from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop appear to show that President Biden’s troubled son and some of Hunter’s business associates were deeply involved in advocating for Ukrainian interests in the United States during the time that Mr. Biden served as vice president.
It is alarming that reports of several of Joe Biden’s family members are receiving millions of dollars from foreign countries like China and Ukraine including his grandchildren.
It is concerning that Joe Biden is fervently funding and stoking a war by proxy through Ukraine with a world Nuclear Super Power, Russia. It is alarming that China is strutting around the waters of Taiwan and posturing aggressively towards US allies, Taiwan and South Korea while having an inept fool or an adept traitor at this nations helm, as we can see through his inept or intentional blundered withdrawal from both Afghanistan and now Sudan.
It is infuriating that Joe Biden is bypassing Congress and making pledges to go to war in defense of allies without Congressional approval.
It is telling that there is no oversight for the BILLIONS of funds being thrown at a war the US cannot win especially while its allies are abandoning ship.
It is immoral that depleted Uranium rounds are being used causing generational consequences and is a form of genocide and is a crime against humanity.
Joe Biden is clearly not working for the American People. Joe Biden is clearly an asset to Ukraine and the Chinese
Communist Party. 
We DO NOT want anything to do with this war. We DO NOT consent.