Dear Patriot,


The Biden Administration just authorized an increase in the production of ethanol to help lower fuel prices this summer. This will be yet another disaster for the American consumer as inflation and the cost of living reach record highs.


Joe Biden visited Iowa to discuss waiving regulations to allow the production of E85 ethanol from June to September. Under normal circumstances, E85 is prohibited from use during the summer months due to increased smog from the warmer weather. 


This is just another absurd attempt at lowering fuel prices for Americans! On average, ethanol is just 10 cents cheaper than a gallon of gasoline. 


Compared to the most recent inflation statistics, 10 cents per gallon savings is about as impressive as the 16 cents we saved on the 4th of July!


Overall CPI: +8.5% since last year

Gas: +48% 

Electricity: +11.1%

Meat, Poultry, & Fish: +13.8%

Milk: +13.3%

Eggs: +11.2%

Bread: +7.1%

Coffee: +11.2%

Used Cars: +35.3% 

Car & Truck Rentals: +23.4%

Airline Fares: +23.6%


The use of ethanol may help lower fuel costs for Americans insignificantly, but it will cause the price of food to surge. E85 ethanol is produced using corn, one of the largest components of food production in the United States.


The price of corn, a primary food ingredient for Americans, has nearly doubled since 2020 and will continue to skyrocket with the recent surge in fertilizer prices and inflation.


Biden’s solution to the fuel crisis is to create an even larger food crisis. The Biden administration is purposely destroying every aspect of our daily lives. Tell your Representatives to circumvent the tyranny of this administration and open our pipelines immediately!


Instead of the constant pandering, the Biden administration must concede and reopen our domestic oil pipelines! We would not be in this situation if the Regime had not shut down our energy independence in 2021.


We are sick of the games and deception being played upon the American people. Tell your Representatives to open up our pipelines now and restore our energy independence immediately.


With Courage,


Joe Oltmann