Dear Patriot,

The current administration is facilitating mass-scale human trafficking within the United States and filling our cities with thousands of unvetted migrants. In nearly all instances, employees of the chartered airlines are completely unaware of the details surrounding the flights.
The White House, Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Department of Health and Human Services refuse to answer questions.
As the number of flights increase, many airline employees are voicing their concerns that they are participating in a human-trafficking operation as many children are handed off to adults after being bussed away from the airport. 
A private citizen has compiled a national database of suspected migrant flights over the past six months. “Based on the information I uncovered, there is a systematic plan in place to move hundreds of thousands if not millions of migrants, often under the cover of darkness, to multiple states throughout the country,”according to the source tracking this matter.
As the expiration of Title 42 draws closer, the Biden Regime is ramping up efforts to destroy the sovereignty of our borders and country. They are creating a crisis of epic proportion to destroy America from within and at our expense.
With Courage,
Joe Oltmann