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Breaking on Friday, of course, we learned that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken orchestrated the infamous statement from “50 former intelligence officials” calling the Hunter Biden Laptop “Russian Disinformation.”

I’m gonna say it again: Biden’s Secretary of State orchestrated a hoax in which 51 government officials falsely accused the Russian government of disinformation. 

This hoax was executed despite Biden, Blinken, and the “former intelligence officials” full knowledge that the laptop was legitimate. This was done to cover up the Biden family corruption because, at the time that the laptop dropped, Biden was running for President. 

This is election interference. There must be accountability. 

Not to mention, the willful defamation of Russia by then candidate, now so-called President, Biden has absolutely had an impact on American diplomacy with Vladimir Putin and the Russians. 

This administration is destroying our way of life and putting all of us at severe risk of nuclear war.

They’re doing it in record time. 

They’re doing it on purpose.

The Legislative Branch is supposed to be the check on the Executive Branch. Where is the accountability?

Do your job. Remember your oath.