Preserving Sovereignty: Calls to End Membership in the UN and WHO Grow Louder

Preserving Sovereignty: Calls to End Membership in the UN and WHO Grow Louder

Preserving Sovereignty: Calls to End Membership in the UN and WHO Grow Louder

Proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations (UN) have triggered concerns over national and personal sovereignty. 


The proposed amendments seek to grant the WHO Director General extensive, binding powers, affecting various aspects of life worldwide. If approved by a majority of member nations, the Director General would have authority over travel, health regulations, economic activities, medical treatments, and digital IDs. The absence of national ratification raises worries about potential abuses and the erosion of sovereignty.


The lack of transparency and public input during the amendment drafting process, excluding meaningful participation from the public. Omission of language emphasizing dignity, human rights, and freedoms in the revised IHRs has also raised concerns. The shift towards forced compliance undermines the principles of individual liberty.


The WHO's funding structure, relying heavily on institutional and commercial funders, has raised questions about the organization's impartiality and compromised nature.


The controversial aspect of vaccine mandates under the proposed amendments has intensified calls to reconsider UN and WHO memberships. Compelled implementation of vaccine mandates would supersede existing laws protecting citizens' rights, prompting concerns over national sovereignty and individual freedoms.


As public awareness grows, citizens are demanding their countries withdraw from the UN and WHO to protect sovereignty and fundamental rights. 


Amidst this critical juncture, active citizen participation, education, and raising awareness about the potential consequences of these amendments are vital. The decision to leave international organizations carries significant weight, but it represents a stand for national and personal sovereignty. It is a moment for individuals to voice concerns, hold governments accountable, and safeguard their nations' principles and freedom.

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