“Crooked Joe Biden”

“Crooked Joe Biden”

“Crooked Joe Biden”

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On Thursday, President Trump handed out a new moniker.

“I will be retiring the name ‘Crooked’ from Hillary Clinton.. so we can use the name for Joe Biden — he’ll be known from now on as ‘Crooked Joe Biden’.. because there’s never been anyone in the history of American politics so crooked or dishonest.”

He’s not wrong. 

The Marco Polo Research Group released a 603-page report in September, detailing 459 violations of state and federal laws and regulations by President Joe Biden’s son and his business partners. The report has been sent, multiple times, to all members of both houses of Congress. Additionally, Marco Polo sent the report to all US Attorneys in jurisdictions where crimes took place. 

The Biden Crime Family is on the minds of the American People – with more and more of us wanting answers every day. In a September 2022 poll by Rasmussen Reports, 63% of likely voters believed the 459 crimes on the laptop are important; 44% said “very important.”

Six months later, the NY Post is reporting that nearly 80% of voters are ‘closely following’ the Hunter Biden scandals. Miranda Devine reports:

“Despite the Dems’ best efforts to bury the story, more than three quarters — 78% — of American voters have been ‘closely following’ news reports about First Son Hunter Biden’s scandals, according to a new Rasmussen poll. And more than two-thirds of voters believe it is a ‘serious scandal’ that Hunter allegedly received ‘preferential treatment’ during an IRS tax investigation.”

Even 53% of Democrats say this scandal is serious, joining 82% of Republicans and 71% of Independents. 

The people are united. We demand that the law be applied equally to the Biden Crime Family. They must be held accountable to the law, or the law means nothing. 

Crooked Joe Biden must be impeached, investigated, and prosecuted.

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