65% Americans Believe J6 was a Fed Set Up. And that was BEFORE 60 Mins.

65% Americans Believe J6 was a Fed Set Up. And that was BEFORE 60 Mins.

65% Americans Believe J6 was a Fed Set Up. And that was BEFORE 60 Mins.

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According to Merriam-Webster, the Streisand effect refers to when attempts to hide, remove, or censor information can lead to the unintended consequence of increasing awareness of that information. 

Since the beginning of the January 6 charade, the government has attempted to hide, remove, and censor information about Ray Epps, the obvious federal agent provocateur that infamously admitted to “orchestrating” the January 6 riot that has been falsely labeled as an insurrection. 

“We’re going to go into the Capitol,” said Epps on January 5, 2021, before the crowd around him began shouting, “Fed! Fed!”

On January 6, Epps is seen directing traffic to the Capitol and breaching policing lines and, according to disclosures in the sham House January 6 Committee, Epps texted his nephew at 2:12PM on January 6 and said, “I was in the front with a few others. I also orchestrated it.” 

Despite the admission and smoking gun evidence, Epps has been protected by the government, removed from watch lists and, last night, he went on 60 Minutes. When questioned by the committee, Epps said he wrote this out of pride and that it was the wrong word choice in retrospect. 

What was the right word choice?

According to one Twitter user, “You know how I know Ray Epps is a fed? They’ve arrested grandmothers with cancer for simply being at the capitol on January 6th. Ray Epps is on camera, orchestrating [allegedly] the worst attack on our democracy since Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the Holocaust combined. He is the very definition of everything the left says we all are. And he’s getting late night tv appearances and op-eds written in his defense by them. What kind of sense does that make for anyone else who isn’t a plant?”

Rasmussen reported last week that 65% of Likely US voters think it’s likely that undercover government agents helped provoke the so-called J6 riot, including 46% who say it is Very Likely. And that was before Epps went on 60 Minutes for a narrative rehab. 

In the Streisand effect phenomenon, the idea is that, once people are aware that some information is being kept from them, they are significantly more motivated to get and spread it.

This seems to be the unintended consequence of 60 minutes – waking up more and more voters to the reality of government lies. It happened with Jussie. It happened with Hunter. It will happen with Epps. 


  • Release all J6 prisoners now. Dismiss all non-violent charges immediately. Where there is credible evidence of violence, J6 defendants must be granted change of venue and given trial by a jury of their peers. Justice has not been blind in any J6 case.

  • The 40,000 hours of surveillance footage from January 6, inside and around the Capitol, must be made publicly available for all Americans to evaluate and investigate. This footage has never been seen before by the public.

  • The footage and findings into the January pipe bomb incidents must be made publicly available for all Americans to evaluate and investigate. The government and their captured media institutions cannot be allowed to filter truth to the American people. 

Don’t become what you swore to protect against. 

Remember Your Oath. 

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