Fix 2020 Now: Colorado SecState's Stunning Loss in Court

Fix 2020 Now: Colorado SecState's Stunning Loss in Court

Fix 2020 Now: Colorado SecState's Stunning Loss in Court

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In October 2020, Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit in the US District Court on behalf of three residents against Secretary of State Jena Griswold. The suit alleges that Colorado failed to clean its voter rolls as required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA).

In August 2021, the court ruled that the lawsuit could proceed, and the American Constitution Party of Colorado and Libertarian Party of Colorado joined the suit. The suit alleges that high registration rates and other voter roll metrics, “indicate an ongoing, systemic problem with Colorado’s voter list maintenance efforts.” 

Plaintiffs sought a court order declaring that Colorado and its secretary of state violated the NVRA and ordered them to, “develop and implement a general program that makes a reasonable effort to remove the registrations of ineligible registrants from the voter rolls in Colorado.”

The Plaintiff’s won.

In a settlement agreement filed on March 30, 2023, Secretary Griswold must report yearly progress to Judicial Watch on cleaning up state rolls for the next six years. According to a Judicial Watch press release, “Since we filed this lawsuit, Colorado voter roll removals increased by 78%, from 172,379 to 306,303 per reporting period.”

The settlement agreement affirms the canvassing work of Colorado grassroots activists following the 2020 election. The methodology for this canvassing effort was designed by data scientists and peer reviewed, and it revealed that between 8% and 11% of votes cast in the 2020 Presidential election were, at best, anomalous and, in many cases, clearly fraudulent. 

All Americans know that inflated voter rolls are foundational to the fraud machine. And now a court has determined that the Secretary has been inflating Colorado voter rolls in violation of the law. 

Colorado is touted as the nation’s “Gold Standard” of elections, though Colorado residents know that the Centennial State is the national Election Fraud Test Kitchen. Also, Secretary Griswold is the youngest Secretary of State in the nation, and the head of the National Association of Secretaries of State. 

Trump won, and you know it. We all know it.

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Fix 2020 and restore public trust. We must have accountability now. 

Remember your oath.

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