Are You Trying to Destroy the US Dollar?

Are You Trying to Destroy the US Dollar?

Are You Trying to Destroy the US Dollar?

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Since the end of the Second World War, the US dollar has effectively been the currency of the world. For our entire lives, the majority of international transactions have been conducted in dollars – universally, the US dollar was a long-term store of value, globally.  

That long held precedent, like so many others, is no more under the Biden Administration. From Tucker Carlson Wednesday night:

“ foreigners…started to dump the US dollar. Why? Because the US dollar was no longer a reliable store of value. Suddenly, it was a political weapon that could be wielded at will against anyone who held it. So, what if you had a border dispute with one of your neighbors that the State Department hadn't authorized? Or what if you accidentally criticized transgender theology and irritated the Human Rights Campaign? Well, the US government might denounce you as immoral and then confiscate all your money – because they just did that with Russia and as a result, dollars begin to look much less appealing to the rest of the world. And so de-dollarization began, and it has accelerated at remarkable speed, almost without comment in the American media over the last year.”

Not just the media. We haven’t heard any of you stand up for the US dollar either.

“So, Russia announced it will conduct business in Asia, Africa and Latin America in Chinese currency. Brazil, which has a brand-new government supported by the Biden administration, announced it will do the same thing. Brazil's largest economy in the hemisphere after hours. Pakistan is doing the same thing. That's a longtime US ally. India and Malaysia, two of the biggest economies in the world, announced they'll be settling their trade in their own currencies, not the dollar. Even France, which we liberated, is using Chinese currency in a new liquefied natural gas trade. China and Saudi Arabia are now major business partners… So, if you want the rest of the world to trust your currency, the last thing you would do is use it as a weapon or print too much of it. Printing too much of your currency causes inflation and that saps the value of the currency. No one wants to hold a currency that is worth less consistently every year. That's sixth grade economics, but Joe Biden can't be bothered with that. So, he's printing more money. Here he is last week announcing another $10 billion check. Not for you or East Palestine or anyone in our country who needs it, but for foreign governments.”

As we watch America’s standing in the world plummet, you can no longer claim plausible deniability. You’re elected to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic. 

This de-dollarization is happening around the world, faster than anybody could have predicted.Why are you applauding the destruction of America? Remember your oath.  

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