You Don’t Save Lives By Softening Vulnerable Targets

You Don’t Save Lives By Softening Vulnerable Targets

You Don’t Save Lives By Softening Vulnerable Targets

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In the wake of Joe Biden’s Executive Order about gun violence, we are seeing increased violence from the radical left and gender confused. Late last year, 22-year old Anderson Aldrich Lee allegedly shot up Club Q, a popular LGBTQ nightclub, in Colorado Springs. Aldrich identified as non-binary.

Today, brand new security footage has just been released to the public showing trans male terrorist Audrey Elizabeth Hale allegedly breaching the Covenant Church School. The video begins with Hale driving through a seemingly empty parking lot in her Honda Fit before shooting her way into the building and roaming through an empty, immaculate school building. 

She can be seen in the video carrying a long gun and reportedly was armed with one other long gun and a 9 millimeter pistol. Hale is accused of killing three students and three adults, including the school’s headmaster. 

The transgender community is obviously in pain and, despite being given innumerable concessions in our society – against society’s better judgment but at the urging of politicians like you – they are violently escalating in alarming numbers. 

According to UCLA, transgender and gender nonconforming adults comprise 0.5% of the US population while comprising 1.4% of the youth (13-17) population nationally. That’s because of all the grooming and the fact that this is, primarily, a social contagion. Such a small segment of the population committing persistent and fatal gun violence in peaceful communities is further evidence that this ideology is toxic. US transgenderism is killing children in numbers we’ve never seen. This isn’t about guns, it’s about mental health.

Every time an American community is struck by violence that leads to loss of life, it is a tragedy. That said, watching the video of Hale’s terrorist attack, it’s impossible to ignore the softness of the target and the inexplicable access this terrorist had to the building. 

A trained, armed security guard could have stopped Hale in the parking lot. A trained, armed security guard could have stopped Hale at the doors, while she was awkwardly crawling through the glass. Hardening the school target would have saved six lives. Maybe even seven. 

Instead, you’re using this tragedy to disarm law-abiding Americans and, ostensibly, soften our vulnerable targets even more. Forget that this response is illogical and fear-based – it’s unconstitutional and a violation of your oath. 

An armed society is a safe society. You cannot remove our right to self defense. What you can do, is pledge to reallocate your own armed security and personal defense spending to our schools. Otherwise, you’re protecting yourselves but advocating to make our kids more vulnerable targets. 

Remember your oath. 

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